You Can’t Fix Him: Here are the 10 Likely Ways Trying Will End

Women often enter relationships with rose-colored glasses. She sees him for who he is, flaws and all, but she’s positive all he needs is some love and support to be a better man. 

Here, women share what happened when they entered a relationship thinking they could fix him. 

It Worked, He Left

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One woman shared she was able to fix him, and as soon as he felt better about himself, he ditched her. 

Or Cheated

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Some of the broken men wanted to have their cake and eat it, too. Once they were in better positions, they cheated on the woman who helped them get there. 

Ended Up Broken

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When we make someone else’s problems our own problems, we risk breaking ourselves too. Many women who tried to fix a man ended up worse off themselves. 

Fixed Myself

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Some people need to experience heartache to get on the right track themselves. Trying to fix someone could help you discover your flaws and lead you to a successful life. 

He Got Worse

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Despite some women’s best efforts, their “project men” spiraled. Their behavior got worse and worse and even turned abusive in some cases. 

Unable To Answer

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Far too many women can’t answer the question “what happened” because they didn’t survive to tell the tale. 

Learn About Yourself

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Failure is often life’s greatest teacher. She may not have fixed him, but she learned her boundaries and what she’s capable of. 

Single Parenthood

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When you genuinely believe your love can fix someone, you might make a bad decision about parenthood. Many women found themselves single parents when the man they thought they could fix ditched them when he found out she was pregnant. 

Closed Off

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Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Many women who attempted to help a man be the best version of himself decided men weren’t worth their effort and refused to give their hearts to anyone else. 

It Worked Out!

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Some lucky women ended up marrying their project. He took her advice to heart and became a better man, and they’re celebrating years of bliss. 

I’m not sure it’s worth the 1/10 chance when the odds are he’ll get worse and turn dangerous. 

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