Why Love Isn’t Enough and No One Will Simply Love You for Who You Are

Parents worldwide whisper sweet, comforting lies to their children, telling them that they’re perfect and that someday, they’ll find someone who loves them for who they are. 

A Comforting Lie

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The problem is that it’s not true. Parents may love their children unconditionally, but no one else will. 

Here’s why the idea that love transcends all and people will love you for who you are actually toxic. 

Love Transcends All

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We’ll start with the idea that love transcends all. This insidious notion places love at the center of the universe and tries to tell people that as long as they love someone, nothing else matters. 

Here’s why that’s not true. 

Love Doesn’t Pay The Bills

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The Beatles sang, “Money can’t buy love,” while that’s true, the opposite is also true. Have you ever tried paying the water bill with love? They’ll laugh in your face. 

Compatibility Matters

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No amount of love can change the fact that some people are too different for a relationship to work. Maybe one wants kids, and the other doesn’t, or one is happy living a minimalist lifestyle while the other wants more. 

There’s nothing wrong with either choice, but all the love in the world won’t change the fact that you want very different things out of life. 

It Makes Abuse Acceptable

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The worst aspect of the “love transcends all” trope is that it brainwashes people into accepting abuse for “love.” People stay in abusive relationships because they’re tricked into believing they should take abuse from the person they love. 

They Should Love Me For Who I Am

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The other toxic notion regarding love is that someone should love you for who you are. Here’s why that’s a fantasy. 

Who Are You?

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First, think about what that means. Who are you? 

What, exactly, should people love about you?

You Are What You Do

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The famous philosopher Lau Tzu said it best:

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Some Traits Aren’t Loveable

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The “love me for who I am” trope works excellently for humble, honest, and dependable people. But you can’t expect someone to love you for who you are when what you are is a mean, bitter old soul. 

It Hinders Improvement

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You shouldn’t change for anyone except yourself. However, if you’re not loveable in your current state, maybe you should explore making some changes rather than digging in deep and saying people should “love you for who you are.”

Sorry, but no one will love someone who lacks basic hygiene and spends their time fighting people online from the safety of their mom’s basement. Stop blaming people for not loving you and fix yourself to become a desirable partner. 

People Deserve an Equal Partner

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Some folks say their partner should love them for who they are while refusing to help around the house or contribute to the bills. 

You have to bring something to the table if you want a relationship. 

Money Matters

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People commonly throw out phrases like “love conquers all” and “they should love me for who I am” when they’re upset that no one wants to date them due to their financial situation. 

They seem to think money isn’t an essential aspect of life, but it is.  Stop calling people golddiggers for wanting a financially stable partner, and get your financial life in order before dating. 

Love is Great, But It’s Not Everything

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Love is a beautiful thing. It’s the subject of epic poems, the cause of our greatest joys and the deepest pits of our despair. 

But it’s not everything. Kindness matters. Stability and security matter. Compatibility matters. You’ll be better off once you figure out that love isn’t the only essential ingredient to a happy life

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