14 Subtle Red Flags To Watch Out for When First Meeting Someone

People try to put their best foot forward. They’ll smile and charm you in an effort to make a good impression, but they can’t hide everything. Here are some subtle red flags to watch out for. 

Dumbing Things Down

Confused looking man scratching his head.
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If they’re already acting like you’re too dumb to understand what they do for a living, there’s probably nothing you can do to convince them otherwise. 

Can’t Own Up To Mistakes

Couple pointing fingers at each other to blame each other.
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Watch closely when someone corrects them. Do they accept it gracefully or double down and insist they’re right? 

If you’re a woman engaging with a man, pay attention to how he acts when a man corrects him versus a woman. 


A mean man points and laughs at his girlfriend.
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Pick-up artists convinced scores of men that the best way to get a date was to insult a woman. They’ll say things like, “You’re smart for a girl,” or “I usually don’t like tall girls, but you’re pretty cool!”

Watch out for stuff like that and avoid people who do it. 


Senior man and woman giggling and gossiping.
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People who will gossip to you will absolutely gossip about you. Watch out for folks who start “spilling” secrets the second they meet you. 

Putting You on the Defensive

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Some folks purposely say slightly negative things about you to trick you into defending yourself. When you do, you divulge more information about yourself that they can use against you later. Don’t play into their game. 

All About Them

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When they’re happy to spend hours bragging about themselves and don’t let you get a word in edgewise, you can assume they will always be the only important thing in their life. 

Minimizing People’s Feelings

Man shrugging his shoulders like he doesn't care at all.
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A good person will validate someone’s feelings, while a selfish person will minimize them. Pay attention to how they react to hurt feelings. Are they dismissive or empathetic?

Can’t Not Know

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No one knows everything. Someone who pretends they do probably has a massive, fragile ego. 

Talk a Big Game

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Good people don’t have to share their goodness with the world. People who brag about how “good” they are want others to think they’re good without putting in the work of actually being good. 


Man holding his hand up to amplify his voice so he's loud.
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A conversation should be back and forth. They should let you get your thoughts out before responding. Some folks can’t keep their thoughts in and give others the respect of listening. 

Their Sense of Humor

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Some folks think they’re funny when they’re just mean. They’re probably not a good person if their humor is all about stereotypes, pranks, or putting others down. 

How They Describe Themselves

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Many people will describe themselves as they want you to see them, not as they really are. If they have to convince you that they’re nice, giving, and caring, they probably aren’t. 


A man and woman sit on a bench. He's obviously annoyed, but she's oblivious and talking.
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Oversharers can be clingy and toxic. Watch for folks who tell you their entire life story within seconds of meeting them. 

That’s Just How I Am

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Mean people justify their rudeness by claiming that’s just who they are. They’re not mean, they’re honest. 

Be wary of someone who doesn’t understand tact. 

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They Show Signs of Selfishness

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