That’s Not the Flex You Think It Is: Weird Things People Are Proud of When They Really Shouldn’t Be

People boast about the strangest things, leaving the rest of us scratching our heads, wondering why they’re proudly sharing something we’d be ashamed to admit. 

Here are the weirdest things people are proud of when they probably shouldn’t be. 

Lack of Sleep

Man asleep on his laptop keyboard with his glasses askew to represent the negatives of hustle culture.
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“I only got five hours of sleep last night,” boasts one employee. “Oh, well, I only got 3!” brags another. 

Sleep is vital to our health and wellness. Grumpiness, irritability, and poor health are the only rewards for not sleeping. It’s not the flex you think it is. 

Never Leaving Hometown

Man sadly sitting in the outline of a tiny house, trying to make himself small enough to fit.
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Some folks are proud that they live like hobbits, never stepping into the outside world to experience the vast swaths of diversity. 

We understand that not everyone likes to travel, but it’s not a flex to never leave your hometown. 

No Education

smiling man wearing college graduation robes and holding a diploma
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People are really proud that they didn’t go to college. Some see universities as indoctrination factories, not realizing that learning about the world opens people’s minds to new possibilities. 

It’s education, not indoctrination, and the people too proud for education are the ones who need the lesson most. 

Not Reading

An old shelf filled with old and antique looking books.
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“I haven’t read a book since high school!” brags the 40-year-old. 

It doesn’t hurt to pick up a book now and again. 


Man making a stupid face and pointing to his head as if to say "duh"
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People proudly deny science, refuse to believe things right in front of them, and claim they are better for it. They also refuse to engage with people who are different, basking in their ignorance of other cultures so they can feel proud of their own. 

Ignorance is never something to boast about. 

Over Working

Stressed looking business man surrounded by mountains of paperwork.
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Why are we proud that our work culture forces us to work ungodly hours just to pay the bills? 

Born Rich

Wealthy couple driving a fancy car.
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Some folks were born on third base and thought they hit a home run. They’re so proud of all their “accomplishments,” like scoring a high-paying job at their uncle’s company or buying their first house with their parent’s money. 

Being a Jerk

Young woman pointing and laughing in a mean way as if she just did a mean prank.
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“I’m just honest – I tell it like it is,” boasts the jerk after they said something rude to their friend. Their so proud of their “honesty” that they don’t realize you can be honest while remaining tactful. 

They’re really just proud of being mean and hide it behind a veneer of truth. 


men dressed in business attire in a heated arguement
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Some folks love to argue so much, and they’ll brag about how great they are at it. In reality, they’re loud and annoying and only “win” their arguments because no one wants to debate them. 


A woman happily waving two small American flags.
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It’s one thing to be proud of your country’s accomplishments, like going to the moon or implementing policies that will help families. 

It’s completely different to be proud of yourself just because you happened to be born in a specific country. Blind devotion to a flag is dangerous and prevents us from working to make our nation better. 

Southern Pride

Black and white drawing of civil war drummer boy silhouettes.
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Outside the South, Southern Pride is seen as a dog whistle for racism. What exactly are you proud of when you boast about your Southern heritage and wave the confederate flag?

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