Breaking Up Over Barbie: Blockbuster Brings Fatal Relatinship Flaws to Forefront

The new Barbie movie is all the rage. Women love the doll’s modern portrayal, which brings serious feminist issues to the forefront, but some men can’t handle the invasive lens shining directly on their privilege. 

The film’s message is seeped in controversy, with some unable to handle the truths about womanhood in modern society it succinctly highlights. 

One woman came to Reddit, seeking validation after a fight over Barbie ended her relationship. 

They Saw the Barbie Movie Together

The Original Poster (OP) said she took her boyfriend to see the iconic film. Although she was aware of the feminist undertones, she admits that her boyfriend didn’t know anything about the movie and was happy to go because he likes Ryan Reynolds, who isn’t actually in the film.

They probably meant Ryan Gosling. 

She hoped the movie would help her boyfriend understand modern feminism and the challenges women face but discovered that the message only increased his rage. 

An Uncomfortable Theater

OP felt the tension build throughout the film. 

Over the duration of the movie, I could tell he was getting more and more uncomfortable/upset, and I was getting really sad,” reported OP, adding that she was sad because of the film’s content and over her boyfriend’s reaction to it. 

He Flips Out After the Movie

He was silent as they made their way to the car but exploded once safely inside the vehicle. 

“He then told me that he was really offended by the movie and said that it was the kind of thing I should have watched with my girlfriends and not him,” shared OP. 

Although she understood his point, she vehemently disagreed. She didn’t delve into her reasons but implied that her boyfriend had misogynistic viewpoints and hoped the movie would help him question those beliefs. 

“We have been having problems with his weird comments about women, the LGBTQ community, and other stuff,” she said but didn’t go into detail about what those comments were. 

She Broke Up With Him

OP described the fight over Barbie as the straw that broke the camel’s back. She told him they were through. 

“I was tired of having to always deal with his attitude and disrespect and was also maybe on this girl-power high,” shared OP, “so I told him it was over.”

It’s Complicated Though

OP shared that they’ve been living together for the last six months. She let him move in with her after he lost his job as a server, and he’s been unemployed since. 

“Living with him is a whole other story, but I couldn’t take it anymore and had him leave my apartment the next day,” shared OP, hinting that the relationship was on the brink of collapse before the movie. 

He packed up and left, but things got worse. 

Where is He?

She thought he’d stay with family or friends, but everyone started calling her over the next few days, reporting that he disappeared. 

“His brother called me a few hours ago saying he’s MIA,” explained OP, saying other friends are also calling. She said he took all the food from the fridge, half the blankets, and more, so she assumed someone had come to pick him up and was baffled that no one seemed to know where he was. 

She checked the location services on her phone, which hadn’t been turned off yet, and discovered he was two states away.

Riddled with Guilt

A guilt-ridden OP came to Reddit wondering if she was wrong for ending the relationship and kicking him out. 

“I feel like this is all my fault,” she shared. “No one has heard from him in 24 hours.” 

Not Your Fault OP

“IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT,” screamed Reddit from the rooftops. 

“He’s MIA by choice. You got his location, so his phone is working. He’s just refusing to answer,” said one user. 

He Had to Have a Ride

OP shared that he didn’t have a car and had been using hers, so she has no idea how he got so far away. 

Reddit users said that he had to have had a ride with all the stuff he took. There’s no way he walked or hitched two states away, saddled with all those belongings. 

It’s Not Her Problem

The crux of the issue is that OP’s boyfriend (now ex, thankfully) is a massive jerk. He’s in whatever situation he’s in because of his own actions and attitude. 

He raged about feminism while leaching off his girlfriend. He refused to examine his toxic thoughts about women. He obviously has friends and family who care, but he didn’t call any of them and decided to travel out of state. And although OP didn’t directly say it, it’s clear from the context that he’s been treating her poorly at her own house. 

None of this is OP’s problem. 

“He is a grown up, therefore, he should be capable to live on his own. It is not you job to get him a warm place to sleep,” advised one user. 

“You had a right to kick him out, and you don’t have any responsibility for what happens after that,” said another. 

Stay Strong OP

It’s telling that friends and family are guilting OP. They could provide housing for the jerk ex, but they don’t want him to be their problem. 

We hope OP stays strong and blocks all of them. She can do better. 

Source: Reddit