He Has No Job So She Pays for Everything, Yet She’s the Golddigger

They say every accusation is a confession. Nowhere does that ring more accurate than when jobless men claim the women keeping them afloat are just after their (non-existent) money. 

After a frustrating exchange where her useless boyfriend called her a Golddigger for daring to ask him to pay his fair share, one woman came to Reddit seeking validation. 

She’s the Breadwinner

The Original Poster (OP) shared that she works two jobs to pay their living expenses while her boyfriend drives for a delivery service a few days per week and spends most of his time “investing in crypto.”

She’s asked him to pick up more shifts, and although he agrees, he never follows through. 

We also must note that OP is 24 years old, whereas her boyfriend is a fully grown 32-year-old man. 

Rising Cost of Living

Inflation led to increased costs for food and housing, so OP can no longer afford these necessities on her own, even with working two jobs. 

She pleaded with her boyfriend to contribute more to their joint expenses. 

He Refuses

OP’s boyfriend scoffed at the suggestion he pay more. He insisted he’s better off investing his money in crypto where “the government can’t touch it.”

She put her foot down, demanding he contribute, but he dug in deeper. 

This man dared to call her a golddigger for daring to ask him to pay his fair share. 

He told me that all I talk about is taking his assets, that I’m a gold digger,” she reported. 

OP Flips Out

OP couldn’t believe her ears. She asked him to repeat himself and then went off about how she works two jobs and can barely afford to scrape together dinner while he does basically nothing. 

The poor boyfriend was so upset that he asked for space, which OP couldn’t offer because they’re stuck in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. After all, she can’t afford to rent a bigger place. 

Angry OP Seeks Reddit’s Wisdom

Still seething, OP came to Reddit, seeking guidance on how to move forward. She knows he’s being unreasonable but wants validation for her feelings. 

Run OP

Most Reddit users advised OP to run. Run fast, run far, run away from this hapless user. 

“Run away girl, or better yet, kick him out. He is useless,” said one user. 

“Dump this guy,” advised another. ‘He’s not “investing”; crypto is gambling, for almost everyone. He doesn’t want to work, he just wants to mooch off his significantly younger partner.”

Why Are You Even With Him?

Some questioned why OP is even with this waste of space in the first place. 

Her response is all too common. 

“I think out of all the terrible things a man could be stupid and useless isn’t that bad,” she said, highlighting some women’s extremely low bar for dating. 

“”Oh, it could be worse” it’s one of the biggest copes people in your situation use,” said one user. 

Not Just Stupid and Useless

Redditors pointed out that he goes far beyond stupid and useless. He’s a misogynistic user. And he probably has OP right where he wants her.  

“He’s bleeding you dry,” said one. “Your life will improve after he’s gone.”

“Users and abusers will always work to make you feel like you can’t do better than them. I’ll bet dollars to donuts he erodes your confidence every chance he gets,” said another. 

She Can Do Better

OP may be beaten down right now, but the Reddit thread showered her in support, letting her know she can do far better. 

We hope she figures it out and ditches this loser so she can move on with her life. 

Source: Reddit