Her Husband Wouldn’t Help With the Trip, So She Went Without Him

Traveling allows us to experience new parts of the world. It gives us a chance to learn about peoples, cultures, and histories we typically wouldn’t and offers a pleasant respite from our daily responsibilities. 

Unfortunately, planning a trip can tax even the most intrepid traveler. Having a partner to share the burden helps unless they completely drop the ball, like one woman’s husband. 

Planning a Trip To New Orleans

The Original Poster (OP) shared that she and her husband planned a fun-filled trip to New Orleans. When she says “her and her husband,” she means that she planned basically everything, though she checked in with him along the way to ensure he’d enjoy the activities. 

The husband had two jobs: He had to request his own time off work, and he had to book the plane tickets.

He Forgets the Tickets

We can credit the husband for one thing: he did 50% of the work. He requested his own time off. Unfortunately, he forgot to actually book the tickets, despite constant reminders from his wife. 

Wants Prices To Go Down

Of course, it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t book, not because he forgot, but because he was waiting for prices to go down. 

Whether he went through the effort of setting up a price alert so he’d know the moment prices went down, we’ll never know. 

Tickets Are Too Expensive

As any well-traveled person knows, the closer you get to a trip’s date, the more expensive flights get. With everything else booked and only three weeks to departure, plane tickets soared to nearly $1500 a ticket. 

The husband refused to pay such a high price and decided to wait even longer, hoping they’d come down again. 

They Didn’t Come Down

Of course, they didn’t come down, but the husband still refused to buy. He said they could have a nice Staycation at home instead and wondered how much money OP would lose if she canceled everything. 

OP Refuses To Cancel

Furious that he couldn’t do this one small thing, OP refused to cancel. She spent a lot of time and money planning and booking this trip. Even if she could get 100% refunded, she’d still be out all that lost time. 

She Books Herself

Frustrated with her husband’s incompetence, OP decided to book her own plane ticket and take the trip alone. 

Furious Husband

OP’s husband is furious that she dared go without him. Despite all the effort she put into planning the trip, he wanted her to stay home with him. He couldn’t believe she’d up and leave him. 

Now he’s saying he will book a ticket and join her, but she said not to bother. 

Is She Wrong?

Although she thinks she made the right choice, she feels guilty, especially with him blowing up the phone. She came to the popular Reddit community where people can find out if they’re the jerk to determine if she was wrong. 

Husband is a Jerk

Most Reddit users took OP’s side. It seems like the husband never actually wanted to go in the first place, but he never communicated that to OP. The only other explanation is he’s massively incompetent. 

I don’t know if he deliberately sabotaged the trip or just didn’t care enough to follow through on his tiny piece of things, but you were absolutely right to not let him ruin the trip for you,” said one user. 

He Thought She’d Do It

Some think the likely scenario is that the husband thought if he put it off long enough, his wife would bail him out and book the tickets for both of them. 

He never considered that she’d only buy her own ticket. 

He probably thought she’d pick up the slack and just go ahead and get the tickets. He probably does that with the dishes and such as well,” guessed one user. 

Enjoy Your Trip!

The consensus is clear: OP should turn her phone off and enjoy her trip! Let the husband wallow in his misery for a few days; perhaps he’ll learn a valuable lesson about planning ahead and contributing to the household!

Source: Reddit