The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back: Small Things that Ended Relationships

Relationships rarely end over a climactic event like cheating. Instead, it’s death by a thousand little cuts. One day, the final cut comes, and a person realizes they no longer want to put up with it. 

Here are true stories where people share their final straws. 

Controlling the Sauce

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Sometimes, you don’t realize how much autonomy you’ve given up for a relationship. One day, a woman was cooking pasta sauce the way she liked it (for once), and her boyfriend swooped in and destroyed her recipe while she was tending to another portion of the meal. 

He altered it to match his desires without considering how she liked it. She knew the relationship was done. 

Can’t Stop Dancing

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One attention seeker refused to see that his public displays of interpretive dance were disruptive and embarrassing. 

His now ex put up with it for too long, but one day, after a particularly exhausting show in CVS, she simply put her shopping basket down and left. 

Luckily, they didn’t live together, so it was a clean break. 

Casual Sexism

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Sexism is so ingrained that some folks don’t even realize they’re doing it. Many people take it to a certain point, but eventually, the toxic remarks become too much to handle. 

Finding out someone supports misogynistic creators like Andrew Tate is a massive deal breaker

Free Therapy

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Friendships should be give and take, but some people only take. One woman had to end a friendship because she was constantly supporting her friend and walking her through challenging problems, but whenever she needed a sounding board, she was met with crickets. 

Eating the Last Slice

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One woman put up with a lot to keep a hot boyfriend. She accepted that he was messy and constantly left his dirty laundry everywhere. 

She could not, however, accept a selfish boyfriend who would steal her last slice of pizza. He had to go. 

It’s Not His Problem

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She tried supporting him through bouts of unemployment and underemployment, but he never seemed to care. One day, she told him she was worried about his job situation. 

He didn’t see a problem. He said, “It’s only a problem because you decided to make it one,” as if not having money isn’t a problem

She Didn’t Even Consider You

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It’s hard to cut off family, but sometimes it’s the best choice. One woman finally cut off her selfish sister after realizing how little she thought of her. 

She wanted to go apple picking with her nieces and nephews, so she asked her sister to loop her in when they went. Months later, she saw pictures online. Her sister didn’t even think to extend an invitation. 

No Support

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When you do great things, you want your friends to circle around you and bask in your achievements. Unfortunately, some folks can’t get past their own egos. Rather than support their impressive friends, they ignore their achievements yet expect to be fawned over whenever they do something extraordinary. 

Finding Courage To Say Something

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When we’re kids, we have to deal with toxicity from our parents. We don’t have the option to opt-out. However, as we get older and find our own paths, we often gain the courage to say something. 

One woman stopped talking with her father after he made a final comment disparaging members of the LGBTQ community. 

Too Much Negativity

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Some folks cut people out of their lives when they constantly bring down the mood. These folks aren’t suffering from depression or anything; they just find joy in bringing others down. 

We may not even know the final straw, but someday, that one stupid comment will be enough to end a friendship. 

Can’t Admit that You’re Wrong

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People put up with a lot in friendships. They’ll offer a supportive ear and a shoulder to cry on and even try to empathize when the “traumatized” friend is clearly wrong. 

One person put up with constant drama from a friend for years. They’d listen, empathize, and be there. But a simple meme made them realize how toxic it all was. 

“I saw her post a story of a meme saying something along the line of ‘how to have positive self language’ and all the strategies were “never admit to lying, never apologize” etc.,” shared the poster, saying that meme made them realize how toxic the friend was. 

Won’t Pay Their Way

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Some folks treat their friends like free rides. They’ll plan getaways but refuse to pony up for the hotel. They’ll suggest grabbing lunch but forget their wallets at home. They’ll gleefully join road trips, but somehow, it will never be their turn to pay for gas. 

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