Looking for Love? Avoid These Massive Relationship Deal Breakers

Finding a life partner is a goal for many of us. Unfortunately, too many people display offputting behavior while dating, destroying their chances of continuing a relationship. 

Here are the biggest deal-breakers people have regarding relationships. 

Too Social

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Some social butterflies don’t know when to stop. One of the best things about a relationship is having someone you can stay home and relax with. It’s OK to go out occasionally, but not every night. 

Lack of Hygiene

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Nothing causes people to nope out of a potential relationship faster than poor hygiene. If you want a relationship, wash your face, brush your teeth, launder your clothes, and shower regularly. 

It’s the bare minimum, but I see far too many posts on Reddit showcasing people with awful hygiene. 

It’s All About the Ex

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People get spooked when potential new partners can’t stop talking about their exes. It’s a sign that they aren’t over the relationship, making the new love interest feel like a rebound. 

Get over your ex before searching for a new relationship. 

Too Serious

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We want to be our true selves with a partner. We want to be goofy, laugh at ourselves, dance in the kitchen, and make up our own lyrics to popular songs. 

People who can’t embrace the goofy part of life may be turning potential partners off. 


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Everyone wants a partner they can trust. Even white lies can spell doom for a budding relationship. 

If you want a successful partnership, embrace honesty, even when it’s hard. The only things that you should ever lie about are surprises. 


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Any type of abuse is a relationship deal breaker. You should want your partner to be happy, healthy, and successful. Engaging in manipulative and abusive tactics to control and bring them down is an automatic deal breaker. 

If you can’t handle your partner being a fully autonomous human being, you need therapy, not a relationship. 

Unable To Adult

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Some folks can’t manage their own lives, showcasing that they aren’t ready for a real relationship. If you can’t pay your bills on time, keep your home clean, or hold down a job, you’re not ready for a relationship. 

Adults want to be in relationships with fellow adults. They don’t want to be with someone they must care for. 


A woman happily clings to her boyfriend but he looks unhappy about it.
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New relationships are fun and exciting; sometimes, we get a little obsessed. Going overboard with contact is a relationship deal-breaker for many. 

You don’t need to message your new romance every five seconds and call every five minutes. You don’t need to know who they’re with every second of every day. These clingy behaviors quickly morph into controlling behaviors, and no one wants to deal with that. 

It’s a Secret

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Secret romances are exhilarating at first but get old fast. No one wants to be a secret. Your refusal to introduce them to family and friends will soon make them wonder what you’re hiding. 


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Fellows, check your Instagram. Are you following a bunch of thirst traps? Many women consider that a deal breaker. Following a ton of unattainable women on Instagram makes a potential partner feel like you’re just settling with her. 

Ditch the unhealthy following and come back to reality. 

Devil’s Advocate

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No one wants a partner who can’t be wrong. Stop playing “devil’s advocate” to get a rise out of people. It’s a giant turn-off to potential partners who find you exhausting. 

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