Outrageous Examples of Negging Women Deal with Every Day

There’s no depth to the lows some men will sink to for women’s attention. Many go so far as to “neg” women they find attractive, hoping to get a pity date. 

What’s Negging?

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Negging is an awful pick-up strategy men employ to lower a woman’s self-esteem in the hopes that she’ll date him for an ego boost. 

It’s a way of insulting women but framing it almost like a compliment, like your grandmother used to do.

Making Women Self-Conscious

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But whereas grandma was (hopefully) trying to help, pick up artists neg intentionally. Their entire goal is to find something women are typically insecure about and point it out to her, but highlighting it in a way that almost seems complementary. Like, “Wow, I usually don’t date tall girls, but you’re pretty cool!”

Examples of Negging

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Women on the popular TwoXCromosomes Reddit community came together to share the most outrageous and ridiculous examples of negging they’ve ever been subjected to. 

Ladies will totally relate to their pain, and fellows, please stop doing this. It’s cringe. 

Smooth Legs

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A man should be elated when a woman lets him get close enough to touch her leg, but this doofus ruined the moment by telling her he likes smooth legs. 

Not to be outdone, she told him he should shave his legs. 

Wearing It for Him

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Some guys can’t comprehend that a woman would wear things because she likes them. One woman wearing a Star Wars shirt got bombarded with ridiculous questions quizzing her on her Star Wars knowledge. The guy even dared to say it was “cute” that she dressed for male attention. 


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One dude literally told a girl he was interested in that all his exes looked like supermodels, but he wanted to be with her instead. 

We can’t believe she laughed at such a romantic statement. 

On Dating “Big” Girls

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Far too many men try to prey on overweight women’s insecurity about their weight. 

One guy told an admittedly overweight woman that  he “preferred big women because you don’t have that whole beauty queen thing going on.”

Weight Comments Towards Slim Women

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Some even try to make slim and average women feel bad about themselves by making weight comments. 

One man told a woman she wasn’t skinny because all his ex-girlfriends weighed under 80lbs. She weighed slightly over 100. 

Not Like Other Girls

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Men often try to “compliment” women by putting down their entire gender. The “you’re not like other girls” comments showcase his misogyny and keep you trying to “prove your worth,” so to speak. 

But the second you question him, you’ll be thrust into the pile with all the other women. 

No Effort in Appearances

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Men think they’re clever when they insult a woman’s looks by telling her, “It’s so refreshing to meet a woman who doesn’t spend so much effort on their appearance.”

Comments About Breast Size

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Far too many women receive unwanted comments about their chests. Typically, men will neg women who aren’t well endowed by pointing out their lack of womanly assets and saying they find her attractive despite it. 

You’re “Compliment” for a “Gender/Race”

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You’re smart for a girl! Many women hear comments like this constantly, but women of color have it even worse, as men often play roulette on whether to neg them for their gender, race, or ethnicity. 

Women Aren’t Funny

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They say that when women say they want a guy with a sense of humor, they mean someone who makes funny jokes, but when men say they want a woman with a sense of humor, they mean someone who will laugh at their jokes. 

Many men can’t handle a funny woman, so they’ll pretend women aren’t funny and put down any woman who dares to make a joke. 

You Could Be a Model If…

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Men love telling women how they’re not good enough. The “you could be a model if…” neg has men nitpicking any aspect of a woman’s appearance to let her know that if she just did these small things differently, she’d be pretty. 

It could be anything from how she styles her hair to what she eats. 

Confusing Attraction

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“You’re not pretty, but I’m attracted to you anyway,” or “You’re overweight, but I’m still attracted to you,” are horrible things to say to people, but the men who say these things hope the hits to a woman’s self-esteem will make her date him. 

Shocked by Capable Women

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Men don’t only nitpick women’s looks. They’ll also criticize accomplishments and feign disbelief that a woman could possibly work as an engineer, consultant, or any other profession he deems “men’s” work. He will then attempt to compliment her by saying her work is “just as good as a man’s.”

Manly Features

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Some men will go to great lengths to bring women down. One failed attempt saw a man “poking fun” of a woman’s muscles by calling her “manly,” but little did he know that’s what she wanted. 

Other men call women “manly” for having broad shoulders, narrow hips, or bush eyebrows but graciously offer to look past all that if she’d date him. 

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