Stay at Home Husband Does Nothing All Day

When bringing a child into the world, couples must make the tough decision of whether someone will stay home to care for the new life or whether the child will go to daycare. 

One couple decided the husband would stay home, but the wife is frustrated that he doesn’t do anything all day. 

She Works Two Jobs

The Original Poster (OP) shared that she works two jobs while attending school to improve her career prospects. She’s a senior and plans to attend graduate school. 

Her husband stays home to care for their infant son. 

He Does Nothing

Unfortunately, the husband doesn’t keep up with his end of the bargain. OP stated that she handles most of the childcare while she’s home, and he doesn’t do much while she’s away. 

 One day, she came home early from work to find him napping while the baby was crying with a soiled diaper. 

A Common Problem

OP could probably let it go if it was a one-time thing, but it’s a regular occurrence. The husband doesn’t do anything around the house, even though she makes it easy on him by making a list. He doesn’t make any meals and will order Doordash with her money (and does not even have the courtesy to order her something). 

He Wants Daycare

The stress of not watching the baby is too much for the husband, who wants to enroll their son in daycare. He claims he’s “too tired” to watch the baby, though we can’t figure out what’s causing this inexplicable exhaustion as he doesn’t work or contribute to the household in any way. 

She Loves this Man So Much

Like most women posting on Reddit about their useless spouses, OP claims to love her husband dearly. However, she’s at her wit’s end and doesn’t know what to do. She thought he’d get better after they had a child, but he didn’t, and now she has even more responsibilities to juggle. 

They Never Get Better

Some commenters used OP’s story as a cautionary tale to warn women in similar situations that men like this do not get better with kids. If anything, they get worse. 

Public Service Announcement: useless layabouts do not get better after having a child,” stated one user. 

Love Yourself, OP

OP’s statement that she loves her husband more than life itself earned rage from fellow Redditors. Many wondered what there is to love about a man who doesn’t even do the bare minimum, while others questioned why her standards are so low. 

Some even thought OP loved the “idea” of her husband more than she actually loved her husband. 

OP needs to love herself more than she loves him because he’s walking all over her right now. 

You may love him, but it may well be a one-way street. He sounds like a parasite to me. Not a partner,” said one user. 

And Love Your Son

Others pointed out that OP also needs to consider her son’s needs. He’s not safe with dad. 

“I don’t know whether you love this man ‘more than life itself,’ but you clearly love him more than your child because you’re allowing him to neglect your son,” said one user. 

“The father of your child, left him alone in a soaked diaper, while he took a nap,” added another, highlighting the neglect. 


Reddit loves to recommend divorce, but they might be right in this case. The layabout husband does nothing but mooch off OP. He flips out when she asks him to contribute around the house, and he’s okay with neglecting his son. 

Although he may change with a final ultimatum, OP needs to be willing to follow through and leave him. She and her son will be better off without him. 

Source: Reddit