The Shocking Moment We Realized We Married the Wrong Person

Somewhere between 40% and 50% of all marriages end in divorce. We go into marriage with rose-colored glasses, hoping for the best and ignoring the stats, when in reality, a high rate of marriages come crashing to a bitter end. 

Realization Sets In

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One person wanted to learn from others. They came to a popular internet community asking users to share the moment when they realized they had married the wrong person. 

Take heed! If you notice similar red flags in your relationship, you may want to pause the engagement until you get things sorted out. 

Unable To Share Anything

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One user shared he knew it was over when he no longer shared anything with his wife for fear that she’d bring him down. 

I realized that I was hiding good news from her because I knew she would make me feel bad about it,” he replied. 

Others shared similar experiences with exes who stomped on their dreams, highlighting the need to choose a supportive life partner. 

Don’t Even Want To Be Friends

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Sometimes you get complacent in a relationship but slowly realize you don’t actually even like your partner as a person. 

One user shared that her light bulb moment was realizing she didn’t like her partner enough to be friends, much less a married couple. 

They Don’t Care

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A partner is supposed to care about you, and sometimes it takes a significant issue to discover they don’t. After returning from the doctor with some awful news, one man found out his wife didn’t care the hard way. 

“When I came home from the ER after being diagnosed with a severe lung disorder, and she immediately left me with the kids so she could go out drinking with friends,” he shared, adding that she demanded he make the kids dinner because she was already late. 

Discovering an Affair

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One woman discovered an affair only six short months after the wedding. She was trying desperately to fix the gap between them when she found text messages with screenshots from her to the affair partner, where both made fun of her attempts to salvage her marriage. 

They Make You Smaller

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Often it’s a number of tiny things that take a long time to see. One person woke up one day and realized they were a shell of their former self, mostly because their partner constantly tore them down. 

She’s Not Attracted To Him

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One man shared a heartbreaking tale of discovering his wife was never even attracted to him. 

He felt good about himself at a wedding party and realized she never said a kind word about his appearance. 

“I made the mistake of asking her, “Do you even find me attractive?” And she flatly said, “No,” he reported. “I asked, “Why did you marry me then?” And she said, “I didn’t think it was important at the time.”

Didn’t Want Kids

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It’s okay not to want kids. However, you shouldn’t agree to have kids if you don’t want kids. Some people learn the hard way that their partner doesn’t want kids after the kid comes along, and they find themselves doing the bulk of the parenting and domestic labor. 

“Turns out he wanted to be the centre of attention and not the kid,” said one user. 

No Physical Compatibility

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Relationships are tough. Finding someone compatible mentally, emotionally, and physically and with the same life goals seems like a dream. 

One person shared that he loves his wife; they’re best friends but aren’t physically compatible. So far, the marriage is working out, but he’s unsure if it will last long term. 

Oblivious to the World

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One woman came home to a horrific sight. Burn marks all over the floor, with her oblivious husband glued to his video games. 

As it turned out, their puppy got ahold of a phone battery and started a small fire. He was so engrossed in his games that he didn’t even notice. Thankfully the puppy was okay, and she realized the relationship wasn’t worth saving. 

The Abuse Comes Out

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Far too many men flip a switch once married. They think they’ve got her locked down, so they become controlling and abusive. 

Looking for a Mom

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Some men mask their true desires until after the wedding bells. One woman experienced this when her husband refused to show her any love, attention, or intimacy after marriage. 

It turned out he was just pretending to escape his parent’s home, and he got married so he’d have someone to mother him.

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