The Unexpected Consequences of Refusing To Have Kids

As more and more people opt out of parenthood, they must consider the downsides of remaining child-free. 

Here are some of the worst things about not having kids. 

Lonely in Old Age

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Children often provide companionship in old age. Older child-free people say they didn’t realize how lonely they’d be. 

However, having kids is no guarantee that you’ll stave off loneliness. Listen to Cats in the Cradle for clear evidence that you can be just as lonely as a parent. 

No Excuse

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Kids offer a great excuse to ditch work. I can’t stay late, I have to pick up the kids! I can’t work the weekend; the kid has a recital!

Parents often leave child-free folks holding the bag. 

Free Labor

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Once the kids are old enough, they can start helping around the house. Children can and should do household chores commiserate with their age to learn responsibility. People without kids always have to do all the work themselves. 

Or, they could pay someone else to do it with all the money they saved not having kids. 

Social Isolation

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When everyone around you starts having kids, their worlds revolve around them. Those without often get left out of birthday invites and other kid-centric events. 

Holidays Lose Magic

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Children bring a magical innocence to the holiday season. Adults get to recreate that by making magical moments for their own children, but holidays often lose their magic for those without children. 

Epic Adventure

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Some people call having kids an epic adventure. It’s filled with immeasurable highs, unimaginable lows, and loads of boring in between. 

People without kids miss this particular adventure, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pursue other adventures. 

That Warm Loving Feeling

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There’s a unique feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes with parenting. Parents realize they made the right choice on those cold winter nights when the little ones cuddle in your lap, sharing their hopes and dreams. 

People without children can recreate the feeling by becoming a beloved aunt or working with kids, but it will never be exactly the same. 

No Help as You Age

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Though many elderly parents still end up in nursing homes, the child-free will have no other options. Many people care for their ailing parents by driving them to appointments, buying groceries, and tending to other needs. This crucial assistance can keep them independent for longer. 

People without kids won’t have that continued support. 

Watching Someone Grow

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Many parents say the greatest joy of parenthood is watching children grow into the people they will become. Knowing you guided this growth provides an immense sense of fulfillment. 


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People who have kids can experience the absurd and hilarious sense of humor youth brings. Kids lack social awareness and a complete understanding of the world, so they provide their parents with endless entertainment. 

An Outcast

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Having kids is the norm. Therefore, people eye those without kids suspiciously, sometimes going so far as to think there is something wrong with child-free folks. 

Thankfully, that stigma is lifting as a child-free lifestyle gains wider acceptance. 

Tax Benefits

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Kids are expensive, but the special tax breaks parents get can make up for it. People without kids don’t get nearly as many deductions. 

Elder Care

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If your siblings have children, and you don’t, guess who will ultimately care for your parents? Those without kids are often default caretakers of elders, as their siblings assume they have fewer responsibilities. 

End of the Line

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Most species on Earth have one core function: to reproduce, allowing their genetics to live on. Opting out of parenthood is also opting yourself out of the gene pool for future generations. 

Reasons Not To Have Kids

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Despite all the pressure to procreate, it’s perfectly valid not to want kids. Millennials and younger generations are opting out of parenthood at record rates. 

Here are their top reasons for not wanting kids

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