Top Things Men Keep Doing that Women Can’t Stand

Women aren’t shy about telling men what they want and don’t want. Unfortunately, men choose not to listen and continue thinking women are some mysterious, incomprehensible entity. 

Well, men, listen up. Here are the top things you do that women want you to stop. 

Ask and Ignore

Man with his fingers in his ears to ignore the problem.
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Far too many men will ask a woman a question and then blatantly ignore her answer if it’s not what they want to hear.

Maybe if you listened to the answer the first time, you wouldn’t be so caught off guard. 

Or Ask Someone Else

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Many men will ask a woman something, but when they don’t like the answer, find a man to ask. They then have the gall to act surprised that the woman was right the first time. 

Pretend they Aren’t Emotional

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Men collectively snicker at women for daring to show vulnerability or shed a few tears. They wax poetic about the “emotional gender” while simultaneously bursting into a fit of rage when they hear the word “no.”

Guess what, guys? Anger is, in fact, an emotion. 

Mistaking Kindness for Flirting

woman on a date facing camera with an expression of disdain about her date
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There’s a giant disconnect between the genders. Men get sad because women aren’t nice to them, yet when they are friendly, men see it as an invitation. Women who don’t want said advances decide to keep things casual and professional with strange men to prevent these unwanted advances, and then men complain that women aren’t nice to them. 

It’s a vicious cycle that would stop if men stopped thinking every woman who shows kindness is flirting. She’s usually not.

Hitting on Women at Work

An exhausted service worker wearing a hat and apron has her eyes closed and her hand on her head.
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The problem of mistaking kindness for flirting is most apparent at work. In many industries, women must be friendly with men while doing their jobs. Think servers, clerks, baristas, and other service positions where workers are required to smile and make small talk. 

Many men mistake this at-work kindness for flirting and start hitting on women who can’t escape.  Some take it even further and stalk women who are just trying to do their jobs. 

Beard Shavings

A man shaving his face.
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Why is it so difficult to clean stubble from a sink? Every woman who’s ever lived with a man knows the frustration of finding freshly shaven hair all over the bathroom sink. 

The worst thing is he claims he cleaned it. 

Weaponized Incompetence

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Fellows, we know you know what dirty means. You know when the trash is full, and the dishes need washing. You know how to cook. 

Stop pretending that you don’t know how to be an adult. It’s not attractive. 

Not All Men Until It’s Their Daughter

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The “not all men” crowd is the first to scream, “Yes, it’s all men!” when their daughter comes of age. You can’t pretend to be offended when people point out men’s toxic behavior but say the same things to protect the people you care about. 

If you genuinely believe “not all men,” why are you saying something different to your daughter?

Funny vs. Mean

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Mean isn’t funny. Stop making cruel jokes and getting offended that women don’t laugh at them. 


Man with a smug smile slightly tilting his glasses down.
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Far too many men have egos that prevent them from admitting they don’t know something. They must be the experts in everything, from sports to cooking, television trivia to anthropology. It doesn’t matter if they’ve never heard of the thing until today – they’re now an expert, and you better not question their authority. 

Treating Women Like They Aren’t Human

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Women really want one thing: to be treated like human beings by their fellow men. Far too many men treat women like appliances or objects explicitly designed to enhance their own lives. They don’t think a woman’s hopes and dreams matter, as everything she does should be in service to him. 

Though that example is blatant, many men treat women like prizes, then get frustrated after “winning” the prize and realizing she’s an actual person. 

Come Over

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Stop trying to get women to come to your place for a first date. Make the effort to have an actual date. 

Even women who just want a hookup are weary of going to strange men’s homes.

“Babysitting” Their Own Kids

An overwhelmed father holding his daughter next to a giant pile of laundry.
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Fathers don’t babysit their kids; they parent their kids. If you think you’re babysitting, you likely think mom is primarily responsible for the children’s welfare. Step up and be a better dad. 

“Helping” Around the House

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In the same vein, men who claim they “help” their wives around the house see their wives as primarily responsible for domestic duties. 

If you work and live there, you are equally responsible for maintaining the space. 

Touching Women

A woman looks distrubed as she stares at her male collegue's hand which is resting on her shoulder.
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Some folks think women are public property. They touch their hair, tell them to smile, and place their hands on the small of their back to guide them out of the way. 

Stop touching women you don’t know. If you absolutely must touch her to get her attention, do so in the same way you’d touch a man with a light tap on the shoulder. 

Refusing To Accept a No

Woman crossing her arms in a refusal gesture.
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Men were taught that persistence pays off, and to win the girl, they just have to keep trying. Sorry, fellows, but you were led astray. 

Women don’t enjoy constant badgering. They want you to politely leave her alone when she says she’s not interested. 

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