Want a Happy Life? Avoid People Like This at All Costs

Some people enhance your life, while others hinder it. If you want to enjoy a blissful, stress-free life, you should avoid certain types of people. 

Be on the watch out for them!

Emotional Drains

A woman with her hand on her cheek looks drained.
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The hit show “What We Do in the Shadows” popularized the idea of an energy vampire. These folks have a way of sapping away all your energy, leaving you a worn-out husk of yourself. 

No Accountability

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Some folks think they can do no wrong. They constantly blame others for their mistakes and failures and refuse to believe they’re responsible so they never have to change. 

If you keep them in your life, you can rest assured their finger will one day find you. 

Angry at the World

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Who has time to be mad all the time? Avoid people who are constantly angry about some perceived grievance or another. They just want to be mad. 

Big Talk

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People who talk a big game rarely back it up. They skate by on their words, hoping people will ignore their actions. 


Senior man and woman giggling and gossiping.
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If they’re talking about someone else to you, they’ll talk about you to someone else. Keep gossip at a distance and never tell them anything you don’t want everyone to know. 

Misery Loves Company

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People with fixed mindsets can’t fathom that others can achieve greatness. They’re miserable in their lives and will find any reason to bring others down to their level. These folks will nitpick any goal you have, making you doubt yourself. 

Schrodinger’s Jerk

Angry upset woman with her hands up in aggrivation.
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Schrodinger’s Jerk is just plain mean, but they’ll try to hide their evil ways under a shiny veneer of “I was just joking!”

They’re mean until someone calls out their atrocious behavior, but it was “just a joke.”


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Some folks will only be your friend because they think they can get something from you. They view every relationship as transactional and will always make great efforts to get the better end of the deal. 

And when you need support in return? They’re nowhere to be found. 

A Bad Feeling

Woman whispering to herself to representing trusting your gut or your instincts
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Sometimes you get a bad feeling about a person. You can’t explain why, but something about them skeeves you out. 

Trust your instincts. Something deep and primal is telling you this person is no good. Believe it!

Constant Victims

Miserable unhappy looking woman pouting.
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Everyone has awful experiences now and again. However, when someone constantly draws the short straw, you wonder if it’s them. 

They complain about how everyone and everything is out to get them, and nothing ever works out for them, but when you watch their behavior, you’ll likely discover why. 

Can’t Handle When It’s Not About Them

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If you have to cater to someone’s every whim for fear they’ll make every event miserable if you don’t, why are you even bothering? You don’t want to be around someone who can’t handle a slight bit of discomfort or doing something they don’t want to do that benefits everyone else. 

All relationships require compromise; if your friend is unwilling, they aren’t your friend. 

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