Snap Judgement Zone: Public Behaviors That Instantly Trigger Others

We’d love to believe we can go about our lives and be ourselves without judgment, but that’s rarely true. People are always watching us and forming instant opinions based on our behaviors. 

Here are the top behaviors strangers will judge you for. 

The Shopping Cart

Happy man riding a shopping cart on a pink background.
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Do you put your shopping cart back in the corral after a trip? Everyone in the parking will judge when you let your cart go free to ram into unsuspecting vehicles. 


woman throwing away a pair of glasses
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Garbage cans are everywhere. It’s so easy to hold onto your trash for a few extra minutes and carry it to a can, so if you’re too lazy to do that and drop your junk on the street, we will judge you. 

Not Cleaning Up After Their Dog

dog outside who wants to come in
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Far too many people walk their dogs on public lands and leave the waste products for everyone else to discover. 

It’s gross. But what’s worse is when they go through the effort to put it in a poop bag but then leave the non-biodegradable plastic in the wilderness. 

Public Displays of Disdain

mad looking young man
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Why do people stay with someone they obviously hate? Sometimes a public argument is unavoidable, but everyone will judge you if you scream at your partner. 

Mistreating Workers

angry man yelling and pointing towards camera
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Berating a retail worker may feel good at the moment, but we guarantee everyone around you is side-eyeing you for the outrageous display. Most service workers just want to do their job and go home. They aren’t paid enough to deal with your tantrums. 

Refusing to Wash Hands

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Have you ever been in a public restroom and watched someone walk from stall to door without even a cursory stop at the sink? You know you’ve crinkled your nose at them. 

Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of germs, and you better believe we will judge folks who refuse to participate. 

Animal Cruelty

a little brown terrier dog cowering like he's scared on a dark black background.
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One of the best tests of character is how we treat our fellow creatures. Some parents let their kids chase and harass wildlife, and some pet owners keep their dogs chained outside for all eternity. We’re definitely going to think less of anyone who treats animals poorly. 

Bad Parenting

A young girl cowering in the corner with a stuffed animal, you can see her between the outline of her father's legs, though you can't see his face.
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We know parenting is tough. Sometimes a toddler has a meltdown, and there’s nothing you can do. However, some folks are needlessly cruel to their children. They brazenly strike their children publicly and spend their money on booze and lottery tickets while the kids beg for food. We’re going to judge those parents. 


Woman yelling at her cell phone.
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A speakerphone is a helpful tool, but those who use it in public rightly receive judgment.  It’s either a massive lack of situational awareness or a blatant disregard for others. 

Positive Judgements

A happy woman gazes off into space like she's wondering what good things life has in store.
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Though most of the snap judgments on the list are for negative behaviors, there are many things you can do to make strangers instantly judge you positively. 

Hold a door for someone, use “please” and “thank you,” pick up dropped litter, or compliment a stranger. Instant judgments go both ways!

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