Spring Season: Timing, Meaning, and Best Ways to Celebrate

Are you ready to celebrate the spring season? Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, growth and awakening.

Here’s everything you need to know about the spring season, including when it starts, the symbolic meaning of spring, and the best ways to celebrate the season!

When is the Spring Season?

Spring starts on the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, which occurs around the 20th of March, and ends on the summer equinox in mid-June. The exact dates for spring change every year, but they’re always within a few days of the typical range. 

In 2024, spring officially started on March 19. 

In the Southern Hemisphere, spring starts in September and lasts through November.

The hemispheres experience different springs due to the Earth’s tilt, which changes with the seasons. In March, April, and May, the northern part of the Earth tilts closer to the sun, making it warmer in the North, while the Southern hemisphere tilts away. The tilt slowly changes during the year, with the Southern Hemisphere getting closer to the sun in September. 

Spring Months

Four months encompass the spring season. In the Northern Hemisphere, spring starts in March, continues through April and May and ends in June. March and June are only partially in spring, with March starting in the winter and June ending in summer.

April and May serve as the essential spring months, as they’re the two months most commonly associated with the season.

What Does the Spring Season Represent?

Springtime sees cold turn into warmth. The dead of winter ends, and new life emerges in the northern hemisphere. Grass grows again, animals emerge from hibernation, and birds flock to the north in spring migrations.

The season represents rebirth, renewal, and life.

The ancient story of Persephone embodies the spirit of spring. 

According to myth, Hades tricked Persephone into marrying him and becoming Queen of the Underworld. Her mother, Demeter, goddess of the harvest and agriculture, was distraught over losing her daughter and asked Zeus to intervene.

Zeus felt terrible for Demeter, so he allowed Persephone to spend six months with her mother every year in the upper world. Persephone emerges from the underworld every spring, bringing the season’s new life with her.

The myth represents seasonal change. As Persephone descends into the underworld, a cloud of sadness covers Demeter, causing the crops to whither and a dark cold to cover the land. The descent represents autumn and winter. 

But when she rises, Demeter bursts with joy. She springs to life, as do the crops she represents. 

Holidays in Spring

Many cultures throughout history have celebrated the spring season as a time of renewal. Here’s a sampling of some critical spring holidays from different religions and traditions.


Easter is the most well-known spring holiday in North America. It’s a Christian holiday celebrating Jesus Christ’s resurrection and ascension. 

Catholics take Easter seriously. It’s one of their most important holy days, often celebrated in Catholic churches with a midnight mass.

Easter’s religious importance differs among the unique sects of Christianity. Some traditions consider it the most vital Christian holiday, while others focus on Christmas as the primary holy day. 

Many families and localities in the US celebrate Easter as a secular holiday. Municipalities host egg hunts and Easter Bunny lunches. Families decorate Easter eggs and gift each other Easter baskets filled with peeps, jelly beans, fake grass, and other goodies. 


The Jewish holiday Passover celebrates the day the Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt. The seven-day festival starts on the 15th day of Nisan, a month in the Hebrew calendar that correlates to March or April in the Gregorian calendar used in the United States.

Passover is a time of rejoicing. It celebrates the freedom of Israel and a new start away from the oppression of Egypt.


Holi is a Hindu festival that goes by many names, including the Festival of the Spring, the Festival of Colors, and the Festival of Love.

Holi is a celebration of the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It’s a day to meet with loved ones, repair broken relationships, laugh, and enjoy life. It’s also a call for an abundant harvest.


Songkran is the celebration of the new year in Thailand. It falls on April 15 every year, but the festival often lasts from the 14th through the 15th.

Although the Thai people celebrate the new year on January 1 with the Gregorian calendar, they maintain the traditional April 15th date as a national holiday. Songkran comes from the Sanskrit word Samkranti, loosely translated to “transformation” or “change.”


Ostara is a Pagan celebration of the spring solstice. Ostara celebrates the German goddess Eostre. It’s a time to plant the seeds for the future.

The early celebrations of Ostara have much in common with traditional Easter celebrations. Many Christian traditions associated with Easter originated with these Pagan celebrations. In efforts to promote conversion, the Church allowed Pagans to keep their traditions by transforming them into celebrations of Christianity. 

Spring Season Themes

The spring season embraces themes associated with rebirth and renewal. New life and new possibilities are commonly celebrated in the springtime.

Springtime holidays celebrate planting new seeds for future harvests and embracing the new possibilities that come with the freshness of life.

The themes arise from the Earth’s natural cycle. In the spring, life emerges from the cold of winter. As the weather warms, plants grow. Flowers litter meadows as bees dance from bloom to bloom, pollinating the field. Animal life cycles track growth, with numerous animals birthing their babies in the time of plenty. 

Early humans needed spring. It didn’t just represent life; it was life. The crops and animals fed families, allowing them to maintain their homes and livelihoods. Spring’s arrival told them they had survived another harsh winter, portending easy days ahead. 

The Best Ways to Enjoy Springtime

Regardless of your religious leanings, the entire spring season offers the perfect cause for celebration. The warmer weather invites us to get outdoors and enjoy the season’s magic. 

Have a fantastic spring with these quintessential springtime activities. 

Visit a Botanical Garden

A botanical garden in the spring is an explosion of vivid color and wonderful smells. As most flowers bloom in spring, it’s the best time of the year to see the widest variety of blossoms.

Find a botanical garden near you, and make sure you take the time to stop and smell the flowers.

Go for a Hike

Hiking is an excellent activity in any season, but something is inspiring about the freshness of a spring trail. 

Hiking in the springtime allows you to see wildflowers in their natural environment, hear the buzz of bees and the singing of songbirds, and be one with nature in its time of glorious renewal.

See a Baseball Game

The opening day of Major League Baseball is April every year. Celebrate the start of both the spring and baseball seasons by scoring tickets to see your favorite team.

You can also attend their spring training events if you’re a diehard fan.

Hit the Zoo

Springtime is often the season for baby animals. Head to your nearest zoo to catch a glimpse of any newborn babies.

Even if your local zoo isn’t caring for infants, spring is a great time to visit. Zoos have more extended hours in the spring and summer, and it’s the perfect time for them to start new programs and special exhibits.

Enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt

Spend an evening dying eggs with brilliant colors, then hide them for an epic quest in the morning.

You don’t have to limit your hunts to eggs. Spring is an excellent time for any scavenger hunt. Create your own or follow along with a search happening in your city.

Have a Picnic

A picnic is a perfect activity for spring. Imagine sitting on a blanket in a fresh meadow, sipping on a glass of bubbly. Birds are singing, bees are buzzing, and the season’s freshness is all around you.

The only problem with picnics is the unwanted visitors, but they are also a reminder of spring’s renewal.

Try a New Sport

If ever there was time to try a new sport, it’s spring. As the weather warms, it’s a great time to get outside and become more active.

Great springtime sports to try are jogging, cycling, and tennis. Give them a try!

Fly a Kite

Spring is a great time to get outside and try something different, like kite flying. The spring winds are perfect for lifting the kite off the ground, and the pleasant days are ideal for watching it soar.

Any open field is ideal for kite flying, and beaches are lovely spots to watch your kite float among the clouds.

Head to a Festival

Spring kicks off festival season, and you can find unique festivals on all topics in every state. Check out South by Southwest in Austin in March or Coachella in California in April.

Every state has music festivals; springtime is the best time to check them out.


Use the season of renewal to renew your living space. Spring cleaning allows you to shake off the old and welcome in the new. 

Dust your shelves, declutter your attic, and get rid of the junk that’s been piling up to refresh your living space. 

Host a Garage Sale

You don’t have to throw it all away. Spring is the perfect time to host a garage sale. 

The stuff you no longer need could bring new joy to someone else. 


Everyone else is spring cleaning, too, so head to your local flea market, second-hand stores, and garage sales to see what treasures you can give new life. 

Plant a Garden

Embrace the true meaning of spring by planting a garden. Nourish your local ecosystem by growing flowers, trees, and shrubs in your backyard. 

If you don’t have a backyard, you can still embrace spring’s spirit by growing houseplants. 

Play in the Rain

Spring bursts with life because of the seasonal rains providing Earth’s nourishment. Embrace the rainy season!

Dance in the rain. Grab a group and play frisbee, tag, or flag football in the downpour. Celebrate the water that literally gives our world life. 

Embrace the Spring Season!

Spring is a beautiful time filled with new growth, rebirth, and the freedom to explore new possibilities. Enjoy it!