Time for a Reality Check: 11 Ways Bratty Kids Realized Life Wasn’t Fair

Kids think they know it all. They’ve figured out the world and can do anything better than you. Most of them grow out of this bratty phase when they learn how the world works. 

Here are 11 ways reality hits spoiled kids, forcing them to change their ways. 

Joining the Workforce

A stressed out worker stares at his laptop screen while hands shove papers and tasks in his face.
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It’s easy to pretend the world is fair when mommy and daddy fund everything. But when you have to enter the workforce to pay for your life, you learn how challenging it is. 

Losing a Friend

Two women screaming at each other.
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Sometimes, it takes losing a friend over something stupid you did to realize you need to change your behavior. You can’t treat people poorly and expect them to stick around. 

Learning How Good You Have It

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One rich kid complained to their much poorer classmate about their laptop battery. Upon discovering their friend’s much worse financial situation, they realized how good they had things and stopped complaining. 

No Inheritance

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People expecting to inherit a fortune from their well-off parents live life on easy mode. Sometimes, the parents have other plans and leave the money to someone else instead, forcing the kid to wake up and learn responsibility. 

Living on Your Own

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Getting trapped in your well-off bubble is easy when your parents take care of everything. When you leave the nest and attempt to survive independently, you realize just how harsh life can be. 

An Ill Parent

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Mom always saves the day until one day, she falls ill and can’t. Now it’s up to you to take care of everything. 

You Have To Pay for This?

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Kids from wealthy families live life on easy mode. When they leave the nest, they’re sometimes shocked to learn they must pay for things like water and electricity that they took for granted. 

When Procrastinating Costs You Big

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Kids who think life will just work out get a harsh reality check when their lack of planning bites them in the behind. They miss college application deadlines, put off looking for apartments, and delay looking for scholarships, only to find all the opportunities are taken by the time they get around to it. 

Having To Do the Chores

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One rich kid lived in an extremely low-cost-of-living country and enjoyed servants and housekeepers his entire life. When he moved back to the States as a teenager, he was shocked to discover he had to do chores himself. He learned really quickly, though. 

A Family Shamed

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You’re in the in-crowd until one day, you’re not. A parent does something unforgivable, and all your peers distance themselves from you as a result. You finally learn what being a part of the out-crowd is like. 

There is No College Fund

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Kids who got everything handed to them expect the same in college. They’re hit with a harsh reality check when they discover their parents aren’t paying for their education. 

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