Want to Make a Good First Impression? Avoid These Rage Inducing Actions

First impressions matter. When meeting someone new, we should be on our best behavior and make a conscious effort to make them comfortable. 

Some folks don’t care about making a good impression or remain oblivious to actions that turn others off. 

While scrolling through the popular r/askreddit community on Reddit, I found a thread asking users to share things people do that inspire immediate hatred. 

Are you guilty of any of these rage-inducing actions?

Purposefully Embarrassing Someone

Mean-spirited people may sometimes get a laugh but rarely get the last laugh. Purposefully causing someone else shame and embarrassment is a top way to rise to someone’s naughty list. 

Anyone who goes out of their way to embarrass anyone else, I can’t be around it,” replied one user, clarifying that they have no problem with folks who call out other’s inappropriate behavior, but disklike “people making a waiter feel like a second class citizen because they can.”

Others agreed, calling behavior like that bullying and saying they don’t want anything to do with it. 

Animal Cruelty

People who are mean to animals typically have no compassion or empathy. Users said any hint of animal cruelty immediately makes them hate someone. 

“You can tell a lot about a person by watching how they treat animals. Especially dogs and cats” said one user. 

Another pointed out that people have a special bond with dogs and cats, so a better mark of a person’s heart is how they treat other animals. 

“You can really spot a good person by their attitude to anything that isn’t a mammal,” stated one. 

Loud Phones in Public

A seemingly minor action leaves many bystanders seething. One person said, “Sharing their playlist with the carriage on the train” is enough to make them immediately hate the person. 

“I hate these people so much,” replied another. 

“Worse if they are holding the bottom of their phone really close to their mouths and speaking loudly because that is the only way the microphone will work, apparently,” said a third. 

How They Treat Children

Some people treat their children as property, mini extensions of themselves made to do their bidding. Reddit users said they can’t stand people who behave this way. 

One user said people who “Treat children as property or slaves, instead of human beings,” drive them crazy. 

Another said, “Parents that only have kids to pass on a “legacy” or won’t allow them to have feelings and boundaries,” make them angry. Adding that these folks “want robots for children.”


People who think the world owes them everything are exhausting. One user shared that someone who acts entitled immediately fills them with rage. 

Some users shared examples like parking in loading zones, not returning shopping carts and littering. Folks who behave this way think the world revolves around them. 


Toxic masculinity isn’t cool. Most folks hate guys who act all macho or alpha, seeing it as “basically just being mean to people you think you can beat up.”

One user shared the implied misogyny behind macho behavior. “Also, it has connotations with (generally) men who take that as implicit position of authority and ownership of women. Which really is another layer of gross.”

Others said that people who call themselves “alpha” are typically the worst offenders. 

Distracted Drivers

Road rage is an all too common problem, but sometimes it feels justified. 

A user said they hate others for “Putting people’s life at risk for a text messaging or putting on makeup or anything else,” adding, “Nothing can be more important than staying safe.”

Rude to Service Staff

People working service jobs are regular folks just trying to make a living like anyone else. Some folks think they are “lesser” for their jobs and make a point of treating them poorly. 

Most users see right through the awful behavior and hate those who act this way. 

“I work retail, and I swear some people treat us like furniture instead of human beings,” shared one user. 

Telling me to Smile

No one owes anyone a smile, and telling a random person to “smile” will typically have the opposite effect – it will fill them with rage. 

“We’re people, not decorations,” stated one user.  “Why should we be forced to constantly smile for other people’s sake when we don’t want to?”

“And it’s almost always a man telling a woman to smile,” observed another, pointing out the underlining misogyny. 

Assuming Authority

Have you ever met someone who assumes they’re in charge for absolutely no reason? Sometimes people think that because they’re older, have a degree, or whatever reason, they need to be in charge in any situation. 

These folks inspire immediate hatred. 

One user said they hate when people “assume authority when no one has granted it to them.”

Another replied that it gets worse when “they start bossing people around and getting angry when people don’t follow their orders.”

Of course, in some situations, someone does have to take the initiative to get stuff done. However, the people Redditors are talking about assuming authority regardless of the situation and are doing it because they feel entitled, not because they want to take the initiative and get a job done. 

What Makes You Seethe?

Do you agree with Redditors on these rage-inducing behaviors, or are you guilty of a few? What else would you add to the list?