12 Telltale Signs You Need To Change Your Life

Life has winners and losers. There are usually telltale signs of losers and plenty of opportunity to turn your life around. 

It may be time to change course if you see yourself in any of these signs. 

You Hate Everything

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None of us like everything, but if you find yourself constantly hating on others for their goals, passions, or achievements, you may want to examine why you’re so angry at life. 

Complaining About Haters

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It’s even worse if you hate on the haters. If you’re constantly complaining about “haters” cramping your style, you may want to think about why so many people are trying to show you the error of your ways. 

MLM Life

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MLMs are apparent scams. You may want to rethink your career choices if you constantly find yourself sucked into one. 

Bragging About the Distant Past

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The king of losers, Al Bundy, constantly bragged about throwing four touchdowns in one game back in high school. He was in his forties. It’s okay to talk about the good old days, but once you hit your mid-20s, you should have far more than high school accomplishments. 

More Kids

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There’s nothing wrong with having a big family. However, you shouldn’t keep having kids you can’t afford with a partner you don’t actually like just to inject some semblance of meaning into your life. 

No Accountability

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People with full lives get that way because they’ve learned to be accountable for their actions. If you refuse to see when you’re the problem, you’ll never be able to fix it, and you’ll never be able to grow. 

Your Children Hate You

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You probably failed at parenthood if all your adult children hate you. There’s still the chance to make amends, but you’ll have to do some soul-searching and admit where you went wrong. 

School of Hard Knocks

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Bragging all over the internet that your only education is the “school of hard knocks” isn’t the flex you think it is. You may think it’s funny, but everyone else sad cringes. 

Alpha Male

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Women love it when men self-identify as alpha males because it warns them to stay away. People who feel the need to brag about being “alpha” are usually anything but, and the whole “alpha male” thing is extremely toxic. 

Always on the Defense

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There’s usually a reason people get defensive over every little thing. They’re usually insecure about themselves and unhappy in their lives, but their ego won’t let them admit any of it. 


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People who target others they perceive as “weaker” usually have issues in their own lives that they’re projecting on their victims. Anyone who needs to tear someone else down to lift themselves needs to examine their life choices. 

Stop Trying

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The only people who truly fail are the ones who’ve stopped trying. It doesn’t matter where you are now or how many mistakes you’ve made; as long as you always try to improve yourself, you’re a winner in our book. 

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