How To Get More Out of Life: 14 Tips for Finding Meaning Every Day

After the magic of childhood, adults join the workforce to the harsh reality of responsibilities. “Is this all there is,” they think, after spending most of their time working to afford the bare necessities of survival. 

No, it’s not all there is. Here are 14 tips for living a more meaningful life every day. 

Celebrate the Small Moments

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Life isn’t about those big, grand moments but the small things. Find joy in the little things, like the content purr of a cat in your lap, a child’s joy when they show you their new toy, and the intrigue of a new book. 

Don’t Live to Work

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Our work culture elevates work above all else, but it’s wrong. Work lets us pay our bills, but it’s not the most critical thing in our lives. 

Explore Hobbies

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Many people find meaning in hobbies that bring them joy. If you’re feeling stuck, try something new. Pick up a paintbrush, roll some clay, and make jewelry. Creation, no matter how small, helps add meaning to our lives. 

Take Risks

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Most people only regret the things they didn’t do. If you want to live a full life, you need to take some risks. Ask someone out, move across the country, and take that scary job offer. 

Have Adventures

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In the end, all we’ll have is memories about our lives and how we lived (John Feldman, Goldfinger). If you want meaning in your life, you must make it. Climb that mountain, take that trip, do something crazy and wild that you’ll remember forever. 

Keep Learning

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Our minds crave engagement. Giving your brain what it wants is a great way to ensure you have meaning in your life. Take a class, read books, and commit to a life of endless learning. 

Find Something Bigger Than Yourself

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Many people find meaning in causes and organizations that transcend them. Some join religious organizations, while others engage in community service. 


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Each day is a gift. Our lives are far more meaningful when we recognize that, along with all the other blessings we receive each day. 

Slow Down

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Our fast-paced world doesn’t leave time for reflection, but we don’t have to participate. Opt for a lower-stress job and give yourself time to be. 

Determine What You Want Out of Life

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Some folks are so caught up in the grind that they don’t stop to ask themselves why.  What’s the point of spending all your life at work? Why are you saving all that money? 

You may have grand plans, and that’s wonderful, but if you don’t, you may want to reevaluate your choices. 

And Why You Want It

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Many people pursue things because it’s what society says they should want. But do you want it? You don’t need a house, a partner, kids, or a career to be happy. Forge your own path. 

Find a Tolerable Job

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Life is too short to spend the majority of the time miserable. There may not be a job you love, but you can probably find one you like. 


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Mental illness sucks the joy from everything. If you’ve tried everything and still can’t bring yourself to enjoy anything, maybe it’s time to see a professional and explore a mental health problem. 

Get Off the Internet

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Life is happening around you, not on your phone. Get off the internet and spend time in the real world. 

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