Life After 40: 12 Things To Strive For in the Next Chapter

Forty is the pinnacle of adulthood. Most people are established in their careers and relationships, and their children are growing up and leaving the nest, leaving many middle-aged adults looking to the horizon, wondering what’s next. 

Here’s what you should strive for in your forties and beyond. 

Make the World Better

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Before forty, we’re mostly too focused on stabilizing ourselves and raising kids to focus on the bigger picture. Now that there’s time to relax, we have the energy to focus on the word. Engage in charity work or pursue civil service to improve the world. 

Coaching and Mentorship

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With age comes wisdom. People in their forties make ideal coaches and mentors for the younger generations. Help a few people out by sharing your experiences. 

Collect Experiences

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Our forties are the best time to collect experiences. We have the financial stability to afford it and the youth to enjoy it. It’s a prime time to travel the world, try a new sport, or pick up a new hobby.

Change Careers

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We sometimes feel stuck in our forties because we’ve been doing the same thing for twenty years. The stagnation drains us. Maybe it’s time to change careers and try something completely different. 


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Many people stagnate because they refuse to change. You’re never too old to learn new things. Take classes to develop new skills in your career and personal life. 

Consider What You Want

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In our early adulthood, most of our time is spent people pleasing. We spend our youth trying to fit in and our early adulthood caring for kids. Once you hit your forties, you can start exploring what you want. 

Plan for Retirement

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If you haven’t already considered retirement planning, you must start immediately. At forty, you have another 25 years until retirement, but it will be gone in the blink of an eye. If you start planning now, you can still achieve financial security in retirement, but the longer you put it off, the harder it will become. 

Treat Your Body Well

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If you haven’t taken health seriously, you must start now. Eat healthier meals, engage in physical activity, and get yearly physicals. 

Me Time

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Schedule time to celebrate yourself in your forties. Meditate, read, take yourself on dates. It’s the perfect decade for getting to know yourself. 

Have Something To Look Forward To

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Anticipation is the best feeling. Always have something on the horizon to look forward to, whether a trip, a night out with friends, or a new game release. The anticipation makes life exciting. 

Keep Striving

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At forty, many people feel like they’ve won the game. But it gets boring when you win. You must keep challenging yourself. Set new goals both at work and in your personal life. The fun in life isn’t achieving the goal; it’s the journey. 

Turn it Around

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For some people, reaching forty is no different than any other year. They’re still broke, have no prospects, and are generally unsatisfied with life. 

It’s time to turn it around. You can have a better life, but you must start working for it now.

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