Life on Easy Mode: The Best Pro Tips for a Better Life

Have you ever watched those little videos showcasing a life hack so perfect you can’t believe you didn’t think of it? Here are a bunch of similar life tips that will make your life so much easier!

A Car Feather Duster

A traditional feather duster on a white background.
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Keep a cheap feather duster in your glove compartment to make cleaning your dash a  breeze. You’ll never have to worry about dust accumulation again. 

Give it 10 Minutes

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When you’re dreading a chore, remember you don’t have to do it all in one go. Set a timer for ten minutes, and allow yourself to stop when the timer rings. More often than not, getting started was the most challenging part, and you’ll be happy to finish even when the timer rings. 

Fix It Before It’s a Problem

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Don’t let mole holes turn into mountains. It’s best to nip a minor issue in the bud before it becomes a massive problem. 

Fix the tiny hole in the roof before you need a complete replacement. Clean the drain before mold grows. Pull weeds when they’re small. 

Making a tiny effort to solve problems as they arise will make your life more manageable. 

Sinking Funds

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Everyone has quarterly and yearly expenses. Unfortunately, they sneak up on us even though they’ve been marked in the calendar for months. 

Create separate bank accounts, sinking funds, to account for these expenses. A sinking fund is similar to an emergency fund, but you know when you’ll use the money. 

Many people have a Christmas sinking fund. They contribute a little money each month, so by the time December rolls around, they have plenty of money for the holiday. 

You can have a sinking fund for vacations, insurance, special occasions, or anything else essential. 

A Fast Five

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If you’re overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, pick five simple tasks that can be completed in less than five minutes. 

Respond to an email. Start a load of laundry. Let the dog out. Brush your teeth. Getting these small tasks off your plate will reduce the overwhelm and allow you to focus on more complex things. 


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Avoid pesky late fees by setting an automatic payment schedule. Most bills accept autopay, so take advantage of it and never be late again. 

Batch Cook

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Meal prep is a godsend. When you’re limited on time, every minute counts, so rather than take time to prepare food every day, batch it all on a Sunday. 

Precut all your veggies and plate all your crackers so you can grab and go on weekday mornings. As a bonus, you’ll only have to wash the dishes once. 

Don’t Shop Hungry

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A hungry belly is a surefire way to blow your budget at the grocery store. Eat before heading out for your weekly shop; it will help you stick to your list. 

Keep a water bottle on hand as well. If you’re thirsty, you may start eyeballing expensive drinks you don’t need. 

10 Minute Warning

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High schools often have a short bell that acts as a final warning to get to class before the real bell goes off. Implement this system in your own home with a ten-minute timer. 

The ten-minute warning will let everyone in the house know they must be ready to go. 

Turning Hangers

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At the beginning of each year, turn all your hangers around. As you wear and wash things, put them back correctly. 

Donate everything with the hanger in the wrong direction at the end of the year. You likely don’t need it if you haven’t used it in over a year. 

Don’t Drink Calories

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A lot of us down sugary drinks without even considering the calorie intake. Orange juice, pop, and even coffee (with cream and sugar!) abound with useless calories. 

If you’re trying to lose weight, keep an eye on the calories you’re drinking. 

Do What You Dread

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We often procrastinate and accomplish nothing because there’s one monumental task we dread doing. 

Just do it. Get it over with. Accomplishing the challenging task will make everything that follows so much easier. 

Take Something With You

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Most of our homes are filled with out-of-place objects. That hammer has been sitting in the bedroom for who knows how long. That book lays on the bathroom sink, completed eons ago yet never returned to its bookcase home. 

Whenever you leave a room, take a quick glance around for one of these forgotten items, and return it to its home. It’s an easy declutter method that only takes a few seconds. 

Five Minute Rule

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If you can finish something in five minutes, just do it. Why put off a simple task?

These five-minute chores add up, and the more you do at random throughout the week, the less time your weekly house clean-up will take. 

Potato Peeler

Butter and garlic with some herbs on a table.
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Cold butter is the worst. Stop wrestling with that stiff stick. Use a potato peeler to slice off a thin piece of butter for your toast. 

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sand running through an hourglass to represent quotes about time.
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