Regrets and Revelations: Life Advice We Ignored but Wish We Had Followed

People offer sage advice throughout our lives. In the folly of youth, we ignore the best advice and only later discover that it was on point. 

A user of the popular Reddit subreddit Life Pro Tips asked others to share life advice they regret ignoring. Here are some of the best responses. 

Discipline or Regret

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Ultimately, we have two painful choices.

There are two types of Pain every one has to {choose}; Pain of discipline or Pain of regret,” shared one user. Either choice will hurt, but one will usually be far worse. 

Never Stop Learning

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Some of us think we’re done learning after high school. We made it through 15 years of forced education and are ready for the world!

That’s the wrong way to look at it. 

You should learn new things daily through formal classes, books, or interactions with the world. 

“Your brain becomes more flexible as you learn new skills,” explained one user.  “Just the act of rearranging thoughts and ideas makes it easier to adapt to stressful situations later on.”


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Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a potential choice that you freeze, unable to decide? Not making a decision is, in fact, a decision. Don’t let fear make a decision for you. 

Love vs. Commitment

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Hollywood sells us lies about romance, so when we don’t feel that all-consuming love for our partner, we feel like something’s wrong. 

Real love doesn’t work that way. 

“You’re not going to have lovey-dovey feelings for your spouse every day.” said one user. “Commit to building something bigger than the both of you.”

But Only in Healthy Relationships

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Of course, focusing on commitment can be dangerous. Some folks get so caught up in the idea of “commitment” that they trap themselves in abusive relationships. 

You don’t have to stay in a toxic relationship over a misguided sense of loyalty. Taking care of yourself is far more important than honoring a commitment. Remember, if they are abusive towards you in any way (emotionally, verbally, financially, mentally, or physically), they’re not honoring their commitment to you, and it’s okay to leave. 

You Need to Offer Something

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Far too many people think the world owes them something. The incel movement abounds with young men who believe they’re entitled to the love and affection of a beautiful woman by simply existing. 

That’s not true. 

“Whether it is a relationship, your career, whatever, you need to bring something to the table,” shared one user. 

You can’t expect the world to bow down at your feet while you offer nothing in return. 

Loved for Who You Are

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Similarly, people often expect to be loved for who they are. But who are you? What does that even mean?

The harsh truth is you are what you do. It’s hard to love someone who does nothing, contributes nothing, and expects their partner to pick up the burden. 

Another harsh truth is most love is conditional. Mothers may love their children unconditionally, but even they have boundaries. No one else will love you for existing. 

Eat Healthy and Exercise

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Many will whine that eating healthy is too hard while chugging a 20-liter soda, chowing down on a bag of chips, and sinking into their recliner. 

Skip the chips, swap soda for water, and take a twenty-minute walk instead. Small changes in diet can make massive changes in your health, and the sooner you start, the easier it will be. 

Consider How it Will Affect You

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Far too often, we make decisions without considering the long-term consequences. Before reacting on impulse, take a few seconds to think about how your actions will affect your life in a day, a week, or a year. 

Sometimes you’ll realize it’s not worth it. 

When Someone Shows You Who You Are – Believe Them

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Actions speak louder than words. People often talk a great game but ignore those charming words and look at their actions. 

A smooth talker is all talk; they won’t be able to practice what they preach. 

It’s critical advice in relationships. We’re often enchanted with their prose, then make excuses when they steal from us, flirt with others, or dismiss our boundaries. 

Start Your 401K ASAP

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Financial gurus stress investing early and often, but in youth’s folly, we often think we have time. 

If you’re reading this and haven’t started saving for retirement – start now. Close this out, research your company’s 401K and open it. If your company doesn’t have one, go to Vanguard and open an IRA. 

Don’t say you can’t afford it. I started with just $10 a month. Do it now and make it a habit. 

People Don’t Care

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We often get so caught up stressing out about what other people think that we freeze, unable to do anything. 

In reality, people don’t care nearly as much as you think you do. You may be the center of your universe, but you’re not the center of theirs. 

So do your thing, and don’t worry about what they think. They probably don’t care anyway. 

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