Self Sabotage: Top Ways People Self Destruct Without Even Realizing It

Are you your own worst enemy? Here are the top ways people unintentionally sabotage their chances of success. Are you guilty of any?

Lack of Introspection

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People often refuse to admit their own faults. They then go around pointing their fingers at everyone else. 

Refusal to take a deep look inside yourself and address your problems can sabotage your chances at happiness. 

Just World Fallacy

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The just world fallacy states that good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people. It hinders on the idea that the world is fair. 

The world isn’t fair, but if you think it is, you may blame yourself when things go wrong and sabotage yourself because you don’t believe you deserve good things. 

Fixed Mindset

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If you have a fixed mindset, you genuinely believe there’s a limit to your potential. You may think you’re terrible at math and can never learn, limiting your opportunities. 

Instead, cultivate a growth mindset, allowing you to believe in your unlimited potential. 

Refuse Therapy

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A lot of people need help yet refuse to seek it. There’s no shame in seeking professional help to guide you through trauma, limiting beliefs, or challenging circumstances. 

Refusing help when it’s available is a surefire way to sabotage yourself. 

Sunk Cost

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Far too many people stay in bad relationships due to the sunk cost fallacy. They think they’ve already invested so much time it would be wasteful to change now. 

Stop thinking of the time you have already put in, and instead, focus on the time you will waste if you don’t make changes today. 

Retail Therapy

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Buying something new feels excellent at the moment, but when you spend all your money trying to buy the pain away, you’re sabotaging your financial future. 

Destructive Behaviors

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Far too many people engage in destructive behaviors like gambling, excessive drinking, or substance abuse. You’re hurting your health and your wallet. 

If you constantly sabotage yourself with destructive behaviors, consider seeing a therapist. 

Lashing Out

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Stop getting angry and defensive when people offer reasonable suggestions for improvement.  Learn to handle constructive criticism and stop lashing out when things don’t go your way. 

Fear of Failure

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We get it; failure is awful. But some folks are so paralyzed at the mere thought of failure that they refuse to even try. 

You’re sabotaging any chance you have if you refuse to try. 

Planning Obsession

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There are two phases to everything: Planning and Doing. Some folks get so lost in the planning process that they never follow through with their plans. 

Stop planning and start doing. 


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Perfectionism is the enemy of progress. Perfect is an impossible ideal that no one can achieve. Stop wasting time waiting for perfection and just do it already. 

Remember, anything worth doing is actually worth doing poorly


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The famous last words, “I’ll do it later,” are destroying your life. Stop putting off retirement savings, seeing a doctor, fixing that leaky drain, and updating your resume. 

The best time to do it is now. 

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Improve Your Life Starting Today

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If you’re not ready for the hard work, take smaller steps that will help you improve your life starting today. 

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