Snake Oil That Works! These Solutions May Seem Like a Scam, but Actually Work as Intended

Some solutions are so magical they seem unreal. Skeptics scream that they’re snake oil, making outrageous promises they can never keep. 

Although many so-called solutions are indeed snake oil, some are legit. Here are some solutions that seem like snake oil but actually work as intended!

Cleaning Windows

Gloved hands using spray cleaner and cloth to clean a window.
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You don’t need fancy equipment and sprays to clean windows. Instead, pour a dab of vinegar on newspaper. The windows will be so clean you’ll wonder if you wiped them away entirely!

Daylight Lamps

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Those experiencing seasonal depression may benefit from more natural light. While the sun’s in hibernation mode, daylight lamps are the next best thing. Their wavelengths mimic the sun’s natural light, helping boost your mood in the dead of winter. 

The Epley Maneuver

A dizzy woman with her hand on her head.
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Shaking crystals out of your ears to cure vertigo sounds like snake oil, but it works for many people who experience the illness due to inner ear problems. However, talk with your doctor before attempting, as it could worsen other conditions. 

Natural Wasp Repellent

A large hornet on it's nest.
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Wasps are nature’s biggest jerks. They come rolling in with stingers at the ready, looking for battle. But they hate the smell of burning coffee. If you have a wasp problem at home, light some coffee grounds on fire and watch the wasps fly away quickly. 


woman doing yoga in her home on a pad with a laptop
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Many people look at yoga as the snake oil of exercise. It’s a great workout that helps you gain balance and strengthens your inner core. 


man with his eyes closed and head up as if he's taking a deep relaxing breath.
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Control your breath, control your life? It may sound like woo-woo, but there’s a lot of significant research behind it. We breathe differently when subjected to different situations; taking conscious control of that can help clear our minds

Sleepy Time Tea

Woman smiling into her tea cup about to take a sip.
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Need some help falling asleep? Most sleepytime teas have natural sedatives like chamomile that help you sleep faster. 


A man rubbing skin care lotion under his eye.
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Many skincare products don’t do what they claim,  but retinol is an exception. Retinol helps keep your skin healthy, but you may need a prescription to get enough to make a difference. 

Cranberry Juice

Pouring fresh cranberry juice into a cup of ice. There's a bowl of cranberries on the table in the background, and another bottle of juice.
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Cranberry juice really can cure a UTI. A compound in cranberries helps wash bacteria away from bladder walls, removing the cause of the infection. 


A woman calmly meditating to represent setting intentions.
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Some people still think meditation is new-age mumbo jumbo, but even ten minutes of mindful meditation is enough to change your mindset and set you on the path to a better life. 


Turmeric powder flowing out of a small bowl and onto a wooden spoon thats laying across fresh turmeric root.
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Ancient remedies survived generations because they worked. Although we have modern solutions that can do the same thing, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to tried and true remedies for things like joint pain. Turmeric works wonders. 


woman smiling and journaling to represent types of journals
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Journaling really does have positive benefits for your health and wellness. 

Mental health experts speak out about all the benefits journaling offers

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