Why Is Everyone Depressed All of a Sudden?

The past few decades have seen a massive influx of depression, especially among teens and young adults. 

Depression Statistics

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The number of adults who report depression has steadily increased in recent years. A recent poll shows that a staggering 29% of adults experienced the mental illness at some point in their lives, up from 19% seven years ago. 

Why is Everyone Depressed?

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Though clinical causes of depression typically include chemical imbalance, the general mood of the populace leans toward depression for numerous reasons. 

Here are the top reasons why everyone is feeling low. 

No Money

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People who can’t afford basic necessities struggle with depression because they can’t get ahead. It’s hard to stay positive when you can’t afford life. 

No Prospects

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These same people don’t see a way out of their struggles. Education is unaffordable, and wages across the board remain stagnant. They can’t afford to improve themselves to get a better job. 

Crushing Debt

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Those who did choose education are trapped under the weight of oppressive debt. Many don’t think they’ll ever be able to pay it off. 

Political Climate

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These massive societal ills make a tumultuous political climate even worse. Everyone is looking for someone to blame for their woes, and they often point to the other side of the political aisle, making it even harder to affect meaningful change for all. 

Social Media

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Social media acts as a highlight reel for everyone’s lives. It’s tough to avoid the comparison game. People can’t help but feel bad about themselves after watching the best of all their friend’s lives. 

Climate Change

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Oppressive heat and historic storms fill the news. Many are dealing with the very real effects of climate change today as they flee the fires and hurricanes threatening their homes.  

Worried for the Future

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People watching the drastic effects of climate change and the political turmoil can’t help but wonder what new horrors the next decade may bring. 


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On a bright note, some of the increase in depression may result from the changing views associated with mental health. Until recently, there was a massive stigma attached to things like depression and anxiety, but now, it’s okay to admit you have a problem and to seek help. 

Poor Physical Health

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Some people feel depressed because they neglect their physical health. Humans weren’t made to sit inside all day staring at screens and eating junk food. We were made to be outside, moving around, eating fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Lack of Purpose

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A sense of purpose is essential to well-being but is glaringly absent in many people’s lives. Work no longer holds meaning, and we don’t have time to enjoy hobbies that traditionally provided this escape.

If you’re feeling depressed because your life lacks meaning, explore ways to bring more purpose to your life. 

Here’s how to find your purpose

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