My Story

About Me:

I lust for adventure. I long to travel the seven seas, visit every country, experience every culture and taste all types of delicious foods. I’m a realist about it though, I know I’m not going to find an epic quest that needs my attention. I can’t go on a heroic journey to discover new lands – the majority of the world has been charted and the technology to travel space doesn’t quite exist yet. Therefore, I need to make my own adventure, for myself. For me, the term “adventure” can and should be applied loosely. Anything can be a personal adventure.

My goal in life is to quit my full time job and travel the world. I’ll start by biking the old Route 66 from LA to Chicago. From there maybe I’ll drive down to the tip of Chile, and take a cruise over to Antarctica. Next I’ll fly to Europe, where I will bike through the Mediterranean regions. This world has so much to offer, who knows where I will end up!

With this blog, I want to share my adventures and my experiences with you. I want to help you see the world in small (or large) doses too. I travel comfortably, but on a budget, so I can help you balance safety, comfort and security with getting the best experience out of your vacation. I’ve been to many countries already, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon. I’m also an expert at creating a vacation close to home, so I will share my experiences in that area as well. Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time off or money available, so a short weekend get-a-away is the best we can do, and that’s ok! Every new destination, regardless of how near or far, is a new experience, a new adventure, and a memory that you can hold onto forever. Let’s make those memories together.