Discover 10 Niche Hobbies You Probably Never Considered

Indulging in your hobbies is a surefire way to enhance your life. But finding that perfect pastime is tricky – most lists offer the same old boring ideas, and those just aren’t it. 

Here are some unique hobby ideas to explore. 

Find a Grave

Funeral casket outside at a cemetery ready to be buried with flowers on it.
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Those looking to stretch their legs and explore local history may enjoy grave discovery. It seems morbid, but it’s a valuable hobby that helps others track their genealogies. 

Sign up with the Find a Grave app to see if there are any requests in your area. While strolling through the cemetery, respect the dead and those in mourning. 


Woman drawing an arrow on an archery course.
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Harken back to your medieval roots by learning the fine art of bow and arrow. The movies make archery look easy, but it takes a lot of skill to hold the arrow in place and shoot your target. 

You will also use back and side muscles you never even knew existed!


Blacksmith at his forge.
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Fire up the furnace to make cool instruments for the house and home. Blacksmiths create traditional knives and swords, but you can also make cookware and decorative items. 

The limitation to smithing is finding a forge. Although some make their forges in the backyard, the high heat could be dangerous (and illegal) in some places. Many big cities have classes, though, so check your local listings. 

Nature Identification

Monarch butterfly on a pink flower.
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Birding is a tried and true hobby, but there are lots of other neat things in nature to discover. Head to your local woods to discover native herbs, insects, snails, or lizards. Become an expert in local flora and fauna. 

If you enjoy it, expand the hobby to your travels and discover the incredible creatures that share the Earth with us. 


Close up of pink orchids.
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Growing plants takes patience but reaps massive benefits. Many people enjoy tending their gardens, but growing orchids is more complex and far more rewarding in some folks’ opinions. 

Orchids are gorgeous. When you grow them in your home, you have fragrant decor made with love. 


Telescope image of nebulas in the far reaches of a galaxy to represent astronomy vs. astrology.
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Photograph the stars! Watching the celestial bodies dance across the heavens is a hobby as old as humanity itself, but technological advances finally allow us to record the sights for posterity. 

It’s an expensive hobby. You need high-tech equipment to take decent photographs at such massive distances, but it’s well worth it for those seeking to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. 


An older man interlocks his fingers and stretches his arms out in front of him.

Yoga and pilates are all the rage, but calisthenics offers an easy way to use your body and gravity to get into better shape. 

Build a Car

Father and son building an RC car together.
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RC racing was always a good time, but did you know you could buy kits to build your own? Putting an RC car together will teach you a little about mechanics and engineering, and at the end, you’ll have a cool racecar to play with!

Amateur Radio

Older man playing with his ham radio.
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My grandfather was obsessed with his HAM radio. He’d talk to friends worldwide on the airwaves, like a precursor to the internet. 

Radio hobbyists get really into it, going so far as to buy old broken radios to fix them up, which would be a fantastic skill to have in any end-of-the-world situation. 

Terrarium Building

Potted plants next to a window in an indoor garden.
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If you don’t have room to garden, consider building a terrarium. Create your very own tiny ecosystem in the comfort of your own home. 

Roller Skating

Line of legs wearing roller skates on the street.
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The fifties called and want you to try their hobby. Roller skating may not be popular anymore, but it’s still fun. 

Grab some skates, kneepads, and a helmet, and explore your neighborhood. Let your inner child run amok on skates. 

Card Play

Person doing playing card trick with the cards seemingly floating in the air.
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Want an exciting hobby that doubles as a cool party trick? Dabble in cardistry, the art of shuffling playing cards in spectacular ways. 

Cardistry builds dexterity, and since playing cards are so cheap, it’s one of the most affordable hobbies on the list. 

It’s not magic, though – remember you’re not tricking the audience or doing sleight of hand. You’re simply showing off your fantastic skills. 

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