22 Fantastic Gifts for Artists: Give Your Favorite Creative What They Love

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Make the artist on your Christmas list squeal with delight by offering a gift designed around their favorite hobby. 

These gifts for artists will allow your favorite creative person to take their flavor of visual expression to the next level. They include the brands and products that professionals use and make jaw-dropping gifts that most artists can’t afford to get for themselves. 

Many artists buy tools on a budget, and in many ways, that can limit how high an artist can climb. These gifts for artists can help them overcome their budgetary restrictions and help them take their art to the next level.

You Can Be A Successful Artist if Your Parents Are Rich

That’s a saying that gets passed around in the fringes of the art world, but it isn’t necessarily true, especially when all that stands between the amateurs and the pros is the right resources to practice. 

These gifts should instill a greater sense of purpose and confidence in your artist. Once your artist becomes empowered by the best equipment, there won’t be anything left but to practice for their next masterpiece.

What Does Every Artist Want?

Every artist wants the best brands for their craft! This post focuses on the best tools for painting, but we also have some ideas for graphic designers, fashion artists, and hobbyists. 

Art Supplies

An art pad surrounded by various art supplies like markers and colored pencils.
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The best gift for artists of all kinds is art supplies. The items that get used up and worn down need to be replaced throughout the year so artists can continue working on their craft. 

Depending on what type of art they produce, there are many different things your artist might need. We have you covered with painting, drawing, crafting, and other items that various artists will use over the year. 

New Paint Brushes

Paint brushes don’t last forever. A prolific artist will go through a number of these essential painting supplies each year. 

Rosemary & Co. makes brushes designed for several media types, but they are the longest-lasting, most perfectly shaped, and most sensitive brushes on the market. The brushes come in series based on the preferences of their most famous clients, making these brushes an extra special gift if you’re lucky enough to find a series by one of your artist’s favorite influences.

They can paint with the same brushes used by the artists they admire, giving that extra personal insight into their developing style. 

A New Eisel

Painters need an eisel to hold their canvas. Studio painters and Plein Air afficionados both need a sturdy way to get that perfect stroke. 

Strada Eisel

The king of portable easels, there are so many excellent features to the Strada brand. It’s like not having to leave the studio to paint a landscape because everything you need is right there (except for a microwave). 

Strada easels come in various sizes; some have unique watercolor/gouache paint designs. Even though the Strada is a variation of a classic design, it’s an evolved variation. It holds paint, brushes, and your palette while unfolding to give you extra organization space when you’re actively painting.

The size of the easel does not limit you, and all of their easels can be attached to a standard tripod mount. The whole thing packs up tight enough for a backpack, is easy to clean, and will keep generations of painters outside enjoying the light.

Standard H-Frame

The downside of the Strada easel is that it’s expensive, even compared to other easels. For a fraction of the cost, you can find similar easels on Amazon, including tripods. 

The H-frame lets you handle anything from the smallest canvas to anything that will fit through the door. The easel doesn’t take up that much space and can be shifted out of the way with little effort. This easel doesn’t come with a box for your supplies but is much more cost-effective than Strada. 

Brilliant Paints

Williamsburg Oil Colors are some of the finest pre-mixed paints on the market. Unlike some assortment packs, Williamsburg sells series in full palettes of colors designed to complement each other and unlock a spectrum of expressive color that is automatically harmonized by the pigments chosen for that particular series.

Williamsburg’s colors aren’t colors you’d typically think to use together in a color pool. Yet, painting with these presets is an excellent way to start seeing as an artist sees, in subtle shades and buttery-smooth brushstrokes. Of course, artists can buy Williamsburg paints individually to pick their own palettes.

Williamsburg is an expensive brand, so those on a budget should opt for Winsor & Newton. These are still professional-level paints but are much more affordable. 

Winsor & Newton also sells a variety of paint types, including acrylic paint, oil paint, and watercolor paint. 

Painting Surfaces

A blank canvas on an easel in an artist's studio.
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Painters need three things: paint, brushes, and something to paint on. 


Most artists are happy with traditional canvas. You can score value packs of 6-10 pre-made canvases in wooden frames from your favorite art store for reasonable prices. 

Paper Pads

Some artists prefer pads, but before buying, it’s critical to determine which medium your artist prefers.  Watercolor paper is very different than canvas for acrylics, which is different than sketchpad paper. Specialized papers have properties better suited for various types of paints. 

Mixed Media Pads

If you aren’t sure, a mixed-media art pad is the way to go. The paper in these pads can handle most types of paint, allowing your artist to experiment with different mediums. 

Art Journal

If you’re artist has everything they need in the studio, consider gifting them an art journal so they can explore their creativity on the go. Art journals allow them to sketch, paint, jot down ideas, and record any inspiration they see while out and about. 

The Best Drawing Supplies

Man drawing with pencil on an easel.
Photo Credit: Pressmaster via Shutterstock.com.

Many artists prefer the simple elegance of a sketch to a painting. The best gifts for these artists are drawing materials such as pencils, charcoal, and pastels.

Finding the perfect pencil for sketching takes work. Although beginners can try to use general #2 school pencils, most experienced artists know that those only go so far.

Pencil Set for Sketching

Get a sketching set with a range of graphite weights, an eraser, and even a charcoal pencil. A complete kit will ensure that the artist on your list has everything they need for the perfect sketch. 


Another great gift for artists who love to draw is a sketchbook. Sketchbook paper is explicitly designed for graphite, so it’s perfect for those who love expressing themselves with pencil and paper. These new drawing supplies might inspire them to think of fun and creative things to draw!

Shop Art Supplies

The Best Crafting Materials

If the artist on your list is into crafting rather than drawing and painting, the gift ideas listed above may not help. Make sure you know exactly what type of art each person likes to create when deciding upon the perfect gift. 


Clay is a perfect gift for those who like to make pottery or clay figurines. They can mold the clay into their creations and fire it in an oven to make it set. 


Yarns and threads are ideal gifts for people who like to sew, crochet, or knit. Get colors and textures that match their aesthetics so they never run out. 

Jewels and Beads

Jewelry makers may want a variety of beads, jewels, and wires to help them make gorgeous pieces. 

Raw Materials

Wood workers, sculptors, and other creatives may prefer raw materials to help them start a new project from scratch. Gift them lumber, stains, or interesting items that fit them theme of their work. 

Think outside the box when considering what gift your artist would like best, especially if they don't work in traditional media. 

Gifts for Digital Artists

Graphic designer using a display tablet to draw a car.
Photo Credit; REDPIXEL.PL via Shutterstock.com.

Digital artists use technology to enhance their craft. Graphic designers, comic book artists, and animators need specific tools to get their hand-drawn works into digital format. 

Drawing Tablet

The cheapest gift option for graphic designers is the traditional drawing tablet. These provide a natural feeling drawing surface that hooks up to the computer, so artists can draw on the tablet but view their work on screen. 

Wacom One has two fantastic drawing tablets. Lightweight, portable, and budget-friendly, these tablets are ideal for any fledging artist on your gift list. 

Huion also makes a wide range of budget-friendly drawing tablets. 

Display Tablet

Display tablets are similar to drawing tablets but feature a screen, allowing artists to see what they’re drawing directly on the display rather than having to look at the computer screen. 

Wacom One’s Display Tablets are the best option for mid-range tablets available. They offer tons of functionality for a reasonable cost. 

If you’re cost-sensitive and need a screen, check out the Gaomon PD1161 or Xpen Artist 12. You’ll lose some functionality, but the price can’t be beaten. 


The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is the Holy Grail for the digital illustrator, painter, or animator. The tool is ideal for everything you can do with Adobe Suite. If you land a decent visual arts job, chances are this is what you’ll be using. 

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is expensive and is only suited for the professional artist on your list. It’s a stand-alone display tablet with the full functionality of a computer combined with the enhanced graphics and memory of a display tablet. 

Other all-in-one options include a Surface Pro or iPad, which are computers first, drawing pads second, or the Kamvas Studio 24 Pen Computer.

Essential Software

Digital artists use a wide range of software to complete their work, many of which cost upwards of $300. Help your artist hone their craft by gifting a subscription to Adobe’s full suite of digital design tools or professional-level tools like Magma Studio and Clip Studio Paint Pro. 

An advantage to gifting a Wacom One is that it comes pre-loaded with trials of various design software applications, giving artists an opportunity to test drive them before committing. 

A Cool Gift for Fashion Artists

Those with fashion artists and designers on their gift list should check out these mannequins, which can be fine-tuned to the exact measurements of the individual wearing the outfit. This saves so much time not having to wait to fit a garment. 

Some mannequins are also capable of expressive gestural poses, making them ideal for display in an artful storefront.

Gifts for Artists just Getting Started

Not all artists will appreciate the high-level gifts on this list. Perhaps you have a child who is dabbling in their creativity or a friend who wants to start a new hobby but is still deciding what to pursue. 

Art Kits

Art sets make perfect gifts for aspiring artists. These usually come with various materials to help someone decide what is right for them. Many include paints, pencils, an easel, and everything someone needs to dabble in the arts

Beginners and children exploring their love of art may also be interested in art kits. Kits are available for various crafts, from crochet to drawing to rock painting. These kits have everything you need to get started with a specific hobby. 

The art sets and kits don't have top-of-the-line supplies, and some can seem a little cheesy, but they are a perfect and inexpensive way to explore a new hobby or dabble in various arts.

Various Crafting Supplies

Other fun gifts for beginners and children just starting to explore their love of art include markers, crayons, construction paper, and coloring books. These things are easy to find at your local craft store. 

A Thoughtful Gift for Artists

Nothing beats education. The ability to learn from living people about how to do something you’re passionate about is a gift that keeps giving.

The New Masters Academy lets you stream all of their art tutorials and access each artist's reference photos in their videos so that you can draw, paint, or sculpt while following along. The price points vary but start at $39/month. You can pay extra for one-on-one assistance, but the videos are thorough. 

You can start a 14-day free trial with NMA to see what they offer. I did the math, and if you streamed their tutorial videos 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you wouldn’t be able to watch all of their growing content videos without being glued to the screen for at least two months straight. NMA offers tons of content meant for both traditional artists and digital artists. 

Stocking Stuffers for Artists

The gifts for artists on this list are unique, and the artist in your life will be happy with any of them! But if you want to give them an even more magical Christmas, stuff their stocking with some of their favorite art supplies. 

The best things for stockings are items that artists use all the time but would be less fun if given as a primary gift. Think glitter, glue sticks, a pencil sharpener, scissors, and other small items your artist might need. 

The Best Gift For Artists is Support 

All these tools and art materials are perfect gifts for the aspiring artist on your list.  Sometimes, you need someone who believes in your abilities and is willing to invest in your future success.

A single gift from this list isn’t everything an artist will need, but no artist will be disappointed with these gifts. Gifting something from this list will show that you support your artist and want them to succeed.  Set your artist up for success while showing them how much you believe they’re destined for greatness. 

What Do You Get Someone Who Likes Art?

Do you need a gift for an art lover rather than gifts for artists? The best gift for an art lover is art! 

Find a local artist using styles they enjoy and ask for a commission. You can find newer artists charging reasonable rates on Etsy or Instagram. 

If your art lover is into contemporary realism and oil painting, look to Artpal or museum prints for a fantastic gift idea. 

Alternatively, you can shop online at various galleries to find original works or prints. You are sure to find a piece that your art-loving friend will appreciate!

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