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The Best Gifts for Artists

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The 8 Best Gifts for Artist

Not every artist needs everything on this list, but each one of these gifts is designed to enable your artist loved one to take their flavor of visual expression to the next level. Not only are these the brands and products that the professionals use at the top of their field, they’re also jaw-dropping gifts that most artists can’t afford to get for themselves. Most artists buy tools on a budgets, and in a lot of ways, that can limit how high an artist can climb. These gifts for artists are sure to delight any artist on your holiday shopping list. 

You Can Be A Successful Artist if Your Parents Are Rich

That’s a saying that gets passed around in the fringes of the art world, but it isn’t necessarily true, especially when all that stands between the amateurs and the pros is the right resources with which to practice. These gifts should instill your artist with a greater sense of purpose and confidence. Once your artist becomes empowered by the best equipment, there won’t be anything left but to practice for their next masterpiece.

What Does Every Artist Want?

Every artist wants the best brands for their craft! This post focuses on the best tools for painting, because our passion fire goal is painting, but we also have some ideas for graphic designers and fashion artists. If your artist falls under a different category, maybe this post will get you thinking about the best tools for that craft. 

The Best Paint Brushes

Rosemary & Co. make brushes designed for several media types, but they are the longest-lasting, most perfectly shaped, and sensitive brushes on the market. The brushes come in series based upon the preferences of their most famous clients, making these brushes an extra special gift, if you’re lucky enough to find a series by one of your artist’s favorite influences. They can literally paint with the same brushes used by the artists they admire, giving that extra personal insight into their own developing style. I’m particularly taken with Andrew Tischler’s brushes, if you need somewhere to start.

great gifts ideas for artists
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The Best Easels

The king of portable easels, there are so many nice features to the Strada brand, it’s like not having to leave the studio to paint a landscape, because everything you need is right there(except for a microwave). Strada easels come in various sizes and some are tweaked for watercolor/gouache paint. Even though the Strada is a variation on a classic design, it’s an evolved variation. It holds paint, brushes, palette, and unfolds to give you extra organization space for when you’re actively painting. You’re not limited by the size of the easel, and all of their easels can be attached to a standard tripod mount. The whole thing packs up tight enough for a backpack, is easy to clean, and will keep generations of painters outside enjoying the light

Don’t let them convince you otherwise, one of the coolest gifts for traditional artists is a magnificent, versatile easel. The H-frame design lets you handle the smallest canvas, to just about anything that will fit through the door. The easel itself amazingly doesn’t take up that much space, and can be shifted out of the way with little effort. My recommendation is linked here, but if you’d like to spend a little more or a little less, there are plenty of options available.

The Best Paints

Williamsburg Oil Colors are some of the finest pre-mixed paints available on the market. Unlike some assortment packs, Williamsburg sells series in full palettes of colors designed to compliment each other and unlock a spectrum of expressive color that is automatically harmonized by the pigments chosen for that particular series. The colors Williamsburg chooses aren’t colors you’d normally think to use together in a color pool, and yet, painting with these presets is an excellent way to start seeing as an artist sees, in subtle shades and buttery-smooth brushstrokes. Of course, Williamsburg paints can be bought individually, if you want to pick your own palette.

A Gift that Artists Don’t Know they Want

Did someone say garage mural? Whether you’re doing a Sistine Chapel copy in mom’s bedroom, or making the transition from postage stamp to Post Office fresco, a projector lets an artist do one important thing: go big or go home. Or maybe open a Drive-In movie theater, depending on how serious you are about art to begin with. These make great gifts for artists who have everything else. 

A Thoughtful Gift for Artists

So, even though this is the lowest priced thing on the list, it’s the gift I’d probably choose if I really had to. Nothing beats education; learning from living people how to get better doing something you’re passionate about is a gift that keeps giving. The New Masters Academy lets you stream all of their art tutorials and gives you access to the reference photos each artist is using in their videos, so you can draw, paint, or sculpt while following along. The price points vary, but start off at $39/month. You can pay extra to get some one-on-one assistance, but the videos themselves are pretty thorough. Go start a 14-day free trial with NMA to see what they offer. I did the math, and if you streamed their tutorial videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you wouldn’t be able to watch all of their growing content videos without being glued to the screen for at least 2 months straight. So yeah, tons of content meant for both traditional artists and digital artists. 

An Amazing Gift Idea for Graphic Artists

The Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 is the Holy Grail for the digital illustrator, painter, animator, and anything else you can do with the Adobe Suite. If you land a decent visual arts job, chances are this is what you’ll be using. Think how much of a head start you’d have, if you’d been practicing on one of these babies throughout your art education. What school you went to stops being very important when you already grasp the intricacies of the industry standard hardware. 

A Cool Gift for Fashion Artists

For the fashion artists and designers out there, check out these mannequins that can be fine-tuned to the exact measurements of the individual who will be wearing the outfit. This saves so much time not having to wait to fit a garment, but some mannequins are also capable of some rather expressive gestural poses, making them ideal not just for design, but also for display in an artful storefront or display point.


Sometimes all you need is the right tools to take your art career to the next level. Sometimes though, what you really need is someone who believes in your abilities, and is willing to invest in your future success. A single gift from this list isn’t everything an artist will need, but these are gifts no artist will be disappointed with. So, set your artist up for success, while showing them how much you believe they’re destined for greatness. 

What Do You Get Someone Who Likes Art?

Do you need a gift for an art lover rather than  gifts for artists? The best gift for an art lover is…art! Find an artist that uses the style they enjoy and ask for a commission. You might be able to find newer artists charging reasonable rates on Etsy or on Instagram. If your art lover is into contemporary realism and oil painting, give your wonderful author a shout! Send us an email As I said in my post art as a side hustle, I really just want enough money to be able to paint another piece. 

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