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The Best Gifts for Gamers

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Do you have a gamer on your shopping list this holiday season? You want to get them something they will really love, right? Well, I asked a ton of my best gaming friends what they would be thrilled to get for Christmas (or birthdays, or any other gift-giving holiday) and came up with the best gifts for gamers for this holiday season and beyond. Find out what’s hot, what’s thoughtful, and what your gamer friend will absolutely adore!

The Best Gifts for Gamers

Gaming PC

If you have a ton of money saved for gifts and really want to blow your gamer’s mind, get them a gaming PC. Gaming PCs are different than normal PCs because they have better graphics cards and faster processing, so they can handle even the most robust PC games.  

The big drawback to a gaming PC is the expense. I bought my awesome MSI GS63VR stealth pro over two years ago, and it was $2500 even back then! However, it was a top-of-the-line laptop when I bought it, and unless you really want to go overboard with your gifts this year, you probably don’t want to spend that much.

Most mid-line gaming laptops will be between $1300 and $1800. If that’s still too pricey and you are deadest on getting your gamer a PC, you can go with a desktop, which is generally cheaper. You can get a decent gaming desktop PC for around $1000, but you can often find deals to get them for less. Remember, the prices generally don’t include the peripherals, like a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. If you plan on getting the entire set up, you should take those costs into account. However, if you know others are going to also get this person a gift, maybe you can ask them to get those cheaper items while you get the PC.




Mac users might be interested in the Mac M1, the newest generation of Mac computers that have robust gaming capabilities. 

The Newest Gaming Console

Two of the biggest gaming brands in the world both came out with new consoles just in time for Christmas this year. Xbox debuted the new Series X, and PlayStation launched the new PS5.


The PS5 was the most anticipated console of the season. There hasn’t been a new PlayStation in over five years! The PS4 was released way back in 2013!

 Unfortunately, the hype means that it might be difficult to get your hands on one this holiday season. However, it’s definitely the hottest gift of 2020, and your gamer would be incredibly stoked to get one.

XBOX Series X

The XBOX Series X is the newest XBOX console. XBOX hasn’t had a new console since 2013 either, but it seems like the Series X might be a bit easier to get than the PS5. It’s selling fast too, and Microsoft is making serious moves to be at the top of the gaming industry

Either console would be an amazing gift for any gamer on your list.

An Older Console

Those two consoles are the hottest things in video gaming right now. As such, they might be prohibitively expensive or tough to find. There are other consoles still on the market that would make great gifts.

gift ideas for gamers
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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is reasonably priced, and although it’s a few years old, it’s still the latest Nintendo console and has tons of fun games like Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Bros 3D Allstars. The newest Mario game will be hitting the shelves in February, so Christmas is a perfect time to get the Switch and break it in.  

XBOX 1 or PlayStation 4

There’s no shame in not wanting to (or not being able to) spend three to five hundred dollars on the hottest new console. One great thing about having these new systems available is that the old ones are going to be on sale. If a close family member always wanted a PS4 but couldn’t afford it, it might now be in the budget. People are offloading them to get the new systems, so you can probably find them for reduced prices at places like GameStop.

The Coolest Gifts for Gamers

The coolest gifts for gamers are the virtual reality gifts. This is new technology, so it isn’t offered by all the console and systems yet, but there are two major brands experimenting with it.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift’s second generation of VR technology was just released in October of 2020. This is a VR system that works with PC – so it’s only available for PC gamers.

PlayStation VR (PSVR)

PlayStation has a VR bundle that they incorporated into the PS4 system. It comes with a headset and offers full immersion into a number of PlayStation games.

PSVR also works with the new PS5, and all backwards compatible PS4 games.

What are Good Gifts for Gamers

Maybe the gamer on your shopping list isn’t a spouse or a child, and you don’t want to spend a few hundred bucks on a video game console. That’s perfectly valid. There are a ton of great gifts for gamers that are far less expensive. 

The Hottest Games

There are a few games coming out just in time for Christmas that are on most gamers wish-list. A gift of any of these games is sure to please – just make sure you know what console they have before purchasing the game!


Here’s a short list of the hot games for each console. Note that XBOX and PlayStation often have the same games, so make sure you are getting the correct one.


Cyber Punk 2077 (Available Dec 10!)

Halo Infinite (expected Release 12/31 – Pre-order now!)

Assassins Creed – Valhalla

Marvel Avengers


Cyber Punk2077 (Available Dec 10!)

Assassins Creed – Valhalla

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Last of Us Part II


Super Mario 3D Allstars

Hyrule Warriors – Age of Calamity

Kingdom Hearts – Melody of Memory

Used Games

At fifty to sixty dollars apiece, these new games can get pricey. Another great gift idea for the gamer on your list is opting for a used game. You might be able to find used copies of the hot games above for a few buck cheaper, but there are quite a few amazing games that are just a few years old that would also make good gifts.

Gamestop offers an amazing selection of used games and has very reasonable prices. You may also be able to find great deals on Ebay.

What Every Gamer Needs

Games and consoles aren’t the only things that gamers need. There are tons of peripherals that enhance the gaming experience, and these items make great gifts for gamers.


A headset is a must-have for gamers who like to play online party games or anyone who is trying to become a Twitch affiliate. Headphones ensure that every member of the group can hear each other, and prevents others in the household from having to listen to the entire conversation.

Gaming Chair

Most gamers want to be comfortable while they are gaming, so a nice chair is an essential! There are a ton of options for great gaming chairs, but if someone special was getting me a gaming chair for a gift and price wasn’t an option, I’d want the Killabee massaging game chair. Gaming and a massage? Yes please!

There are tons of other gaming chairs available, and Amazon is a great place to find them.


A specialized gaming mouse is a great gift for avid PC gamers. These gadgets are more than just the three-button traditional office mouse – they often have the functionality of a controller built in!

I’m not mechanically inclined enough to figure out how to use these super fancy devices, but those who have been playing computer games for a long time swear by them.


Speaking of controllers – it’s always nice to have a backup, especially if your gamer has a Nintendo Switch. Those controllers are renowned for having drift issues which make some games almost unplayable. There are also a variety of specialized game controllers available for PC gaming. Logitech makes some great options that work with almost any operation system, so they are a great place to start.


The Best Gifts for Gamers who Want to be Streamers

Some gamers have a goal to be Twitch Streamers, and there are a few extra items that these folks would need in order to make their stream stand out. If your gamer friend wants to pursue a Twitch career, make sure they have these key items (and direct them to this epic post on how to be a Twitch affiliate!)


A fancy microphone isn’t essential for the average gamer. If most folks are just talking to their friends online, they can probably get by with the built-in computer or headset microphone.

However, it’s a whole different story if someone wants to be a professional gamer. A good microphone with a crisp sound is essential! I use the Blue Yeti microphone. It’s offers professional sound quality for gaming, podcasting, and any of your gamer’s promotional needs.

Capture Card

Whether your gamer needs a capture card or not depends on what system they use to stream. A capture card is essential for many. Read this post on what a capture card does to decide if the gamer on your list needs one to start streaming.


A webcam isn’t exactly essential, but it’s definitely nice to have. A webcam makes a stream stand out a little more and helps viewers feel a little more connected to the streamer. The great thing is that you can get a decent webcam for a low cost on Amazon. Mine was only forty dollars, and it’s great for streaming.

What to Get a Gamer Who Has Everything

It’s quite possible that the gamer on your list has all these things, or you don’t know what games they have. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for the gamer who already has everything else.

Sculptures/Figures from Favorite Games

If you have a gamer who is obsessed with a certain character or certain game, you can get them a model or figurine from that game. These decorative pieces are generally just for display purposes, but your gamer will appreciate the thoughtfulness of such a gift.


Game Art

Game art is another thoughtful gift idea for your favorite gamer. You can get a framed picture or poster of their favorite game scene that they can hang on their wall or display while streaming. TeePublic is a great place to look for fan-created game art, but you can also find posters at GameStop and Amazon.


A unique gift for gamers is a projector. It’s not a necessity for gaming, it’s just a cool extra that they can show off to their friends. A projector would help enhance game night experiences with the ability to project any games on an entire wall.

Stocking Stuffers for Gamers

Gift Cards

You can’t go wrong with stuffing a gift card into your gamers stocking. All the big systems have their own gift cards – Steam for PC gamers, Nintendo E-Shop for NES lovers, Microsoft Official Store for XBOX, you get the picture.

If you don’t know what their favorite console is, you can also get them a gift card to a gaming store like GameStop to make it easier.

Handheld Games

The Switch Lite is the best handheld game system out there, but at $200 it’s a little pricey for a stocking stuffer. However, you can get the previous generations, like the 3DS, on Ebay or Amazon for much cheaper.

You can also get something like the Go Retro Portable gaming device at Kohls for less than thirty bucks. This handheld comes with a bunch of retro style games reminiscent of the old school Game Boy. It’s sure to please both kids and older gamers who have fond memories of the very first handhelds.

Online Subscriptions

Another great stocking stuff for the gamer on your list is an online subscription to their favorite gaming community. Nintendo Switch offers Switch online for twenty dollars a year, which is the cheapest option. PlayStation offers PS Plus, which includes some free games, and XBOX offers a few tiers of online play including XBOX Live and gamepass. XBOX live just allows you to play online, while gamepass offers the online play in addition to free games. These subscription services would make great gifts for any gamer on your list.

Give Your Gamer an Epic Holiday

Hopefully this list offered some awesome gift ideas for every gamer on your holiday shopping list. But this list isn’t limited to holiday gifts! These gifts for gamers are perfect for any occasion. Make your gamer smile any time of the year!

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