Finally, an Easy Way To Play Games on Your Phone: RiotPWR’s Wired Gaming Controller Review

As mobile gaming continues to improve, there has always been one giant limitation.

The touchscreen panel prevents us from playing our favorite games on mobile devices, as there aren’t enough buttons or options to use the game’s full functionality.

As a result, many mobile games only allow the most basic options – you can move and use an item or two, but you can never get the full range of operations present in console and computer gaming.

RiotPWR’s wired game controllers change the game.

RiotPWR Controllers

RiotPWR offers wired gaming controllers for both Apple and Android, allowing players to plug the controller into their phone and use the whole host of controls they’ve come to love from console games.

RiotPWR provided us with the Android version of the controller so we could test the functionality and offer an unbiased opinion of the controller’s strengths and limitations.

The Controller Itself

The controller is lightweight and easy to use. It comes with a phone mount that you must attach before use. There’s a small flap at the front top, and once you remove that, the mount easily snaps into place.

A small wire connects the controller to your mobile device with a USB-C connector, making it easy to connect to nearly any modern device.

RiotPWr controller by itself with the phone attachement on it's side.
Photo Credit: B.Gill, Partners in Fire.

The RiotPWR controller is a typical gaming controller with two joysticks, the traditional four-button complex on the right, a circular D-pad on the left, and two left and right triggers on the top. The hand grips are similar to Xbox and Nintendo Switch controllers, allowing them to fit easily in your hands.

The button layout resembles every other controller from the past decade, so users should have no problem adjusting.

The RiotPWR gaming controller comes in variations of black and white, with a few additional color options for highlights. However, most of the color variations are only available with IOS. The Android controller comes in black. It also includes a headphone jack to hear your favorite games without disrupting others.

The riotpwr controller in white showcasing the standard buttons.
Photo courtesy RiotPWR


The RiotPWR controller allows you to play your favorite games from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s the size of a standard console controller, but the mount adds an extra bit of bulk. Although the controller isn’t pocket-sized, it will fit easily into most backpacks.

The removable mount makes it easier to transport, but some may prefer to keep them connected to prevent loss. Although you could use the controller without it, you’d have to find a flat surface for your phone, as you can’t hold both simultaneously.

Mobile Gaming with the RiotPWR Controller

Many may assume you can plug the RiotPWR in and play any mobile game you want. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Most mobile games on the Google Play store are not compatible with the RiotPWR controller. These simplistic games are designed specifically for touch screens.

The RiotPWR controller isn’t made for these games. Instead, it is designed to bring your favorite console games (and a massive variety of new games) to your mobile device.

The LUDU Mapp Companion App

The first place to find compatible games is the LUDU Mapp companion app. The app features hundreds of games you can download and play right from your phone.

The games range in cost from free to $30. You can find popular series like Fortnight, Final Fantasy, and Grand Theft Auto for download in LUDU, along with independent games you won’t find anywhere else.

I downloaded some of the free games from the app to test out the controller, and although the content was terrific, the playability suffered due to the ads. Of course, you must expect ads when playing a free offering, as the developer must make their money somehow, but the paid games likely have a better user experience.

The app offers far more than games. Players can find gaming tips, walkthroughs, and cheats for many available games and the essential apps for console gaming.

Console Compatibility

The most remarkable feature of the RiotPWR controller is the console compatibility. This controller lets you play your favorite PlayStation and Xbox games on your mobile device.

Imagine wanting to play some Horizon when your partner wants to watch a beloved show on Netflix. You no longer have to fight for the television. Simply connect your PlayStation to your mobile device and use the RiotPWR controller to play on your phone!

If you get your favorite console’s remote app, you can play your home console games on the go wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection.

PlayStation Remote Apps

There are two options for PlayStation remote apps. The Remote for PS app costs $3.99 monthly or a one-time fee of $19.99. This app allows you to access your PlayStation library from anywhere so you can enjoy the full functionality of total cloud gaming.

Don’t confuse this app for the PS Remote Play app, which is free. The remote play app allows you to play while connected to your broadband near your PlayStation but does not offer on-the-go functionality. If you do not want to play from anywhere, it’s the better option.

Xbox Remote Apps

The Xbox remote app is free, but users must pay for GamePass to play remotely. GamePass costs $24.99 annually, allowing players to access their entire library of Xbox games over the cloud.

Nintendo Switch

There is no companion app for the Nintendo Switch, which means the RiotPWR controller is incompatible with this system.

However, a significant draw of the Nintendo Switch is its on-the-go functionality, so there’s likely no need for an external device to play it wherever you want.

Bridging the Gap Between Mobile and Console Gaming

The RiotPWR controller bridges the gap between mobile and console gaming. The companion app offers a variety of console-quality gaming options for those who don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a console, while the console companion apps provide new ways for PlayStation and Xbox owners to enjoy their favorite platforms. 

It’s the ideal tool for gamers who want more options for mobile gaming.