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The Top New Twitch Streamers to Follow in 2020

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Discoverability on Twitch is hard. When you are looking for new folks to follow, the same big names keep popping up. Yes, we all already know about Ninja and Shroud and Syndicate. I’m sure they are lovely streamers, but don’t you want to support the new guy?

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a platform that allows gamers, performers, and other content creators (artists, musicians, you name it!) to live stream on the internet. Anyone can become a streamer, it just takes a computer, and internet connection, and some other equipment.

It’s very similar to Youtube and Tiktok, except that the majority of the content is live and unedited! One great thing about live stream content is that you can interact with the creators in real time. And, although the platform was built for gaming, that’s not the only thing that people use it for. You find loads of content creators on Twitch!

How Do I Support New Streamers?

Twitch makes it incredibly difficult to find up-and-coming streamers. Unfortunately, there is not discoverability option and Twitch likes to promote the top streamers. I guess I get it, it’s run by Amazon after all. They don’t exist to help out the little guy, they exist to make money.

New Twitch Streamers to follow
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But, we all want to help the little guy, right? So I’m going to give you a list of some awesome new streamers to check out, and then I’m going to show you where to find more. We will also be creating a Youtube series highlighting up-and-coming streamers, so stay tuned for that!

Top 10 New Twitch Streamers to Follow (in no particular order)

Crimson 66

Crimson is fairly new to streaming. He mainly plays first person shooter games, such as Apex, Rainbow 6 Siege and Rogue Company. These games are where ‘The Dink Squad’ came from as this is the noise that happens when you get a headshot! You can also find him playing a variety of other games, from Destiny to World of Warcraft Classic.

Crimson aims to create a feel-good atmosphere where others can watch a self-proclaimed god gamer do poorly at all games and complain about it 🙂 but a lot of the time it is just Crimson and friends laughing with and at each other for misplays or going crazy for completely hype moments. Feel free to drop by and say howdy and become a member of the Dink Squad XD.

Twitch streamers to follow crimson

Follow Crimson_66 on Twitter!

Awesome Fox

Fox is a variety streamer, having built her PC for that purpose, but finally getting it off the ground in recent months. Fox is a disabled gamer, who promotes positive mental health for all, hoping that her streams can be a fun place for people to hang out and have fun. As a writer for Mental Health Gaming, she sometimes uses her streams as a first look at the titles she reviews.

In terms of games, she can be found traversing Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV, seducing humans as a vampire in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, and hunting for trophies in her favorite PS4 titles. As well as being a gamer and writer, Fox is also a singer and an artist. As such, you will sometimes find her popping into Twitch Sings where she lets her audience vote on what she sings, and will also stream her art work, where she invites you to chill, hang out, and see her work as it is created. Feel free to come lurk at the Fox Den, where every kind of critter is welcome.

new streamers to follow awesomefoxFollow Awesome Fox on Twitter!


Shadow is a variety streamer with a love for all different types of games. When not writing her thesis, she loves to play and write about games, and can usually be found glued to her Nintendo Switch. Shadow will pretty much try any game once, though she can’t promise she’ll be any good at it – this is the channel of a proud noob after all! Her current focus is on cute and wholesome platformers and puzzlers such as Paper Mario: The Origami King, though she’s expanding this gradually to include a wider variety of content, including Spook Shadow nights where she’ll scare herself silly with a horror game chosen by viewers.

She regularly reviews new games for Mental Health Gaming, and she loves to showcase amazing new indie games in her weekend streams. Shadow loves nothing more than to connect with and support new friends in the streaming community and gaming industry and loves having a laugh with friends on stream, and hopes to create a warm and welcoming space for all.

twitch streamersFollow XSadShadowX on Twitter!


Scotty is a casual streamer who plays a variety of games in different genres. He streams anything from FPS games, such as the Halo series, to simulation games like Euro Truck Simulator and Farming Simulator 19. Scotty is always up for trying a new game, and is a huge fan of long solo playthroughs. Feel free to pop into the channel whenever live for a chat and enjoy some terrible gameplay!

scotty 174 Follow Scotty174 on Twitter!


Welsh is a variety game streamer and a big sports fan and TV addict. He streams Fall Guys, where he can be found trying to get a crown but failing massively, and other games like Warzone, Dead by Daylight, Zelda and Rogue Company. He is happy to try out any game and give it a go.

Welsh also enjoys connecting with the viewers and community he will always interact with people in chat. He loves to create a chilled and relaxed stream for his viewers to enjoy. Welsh invites anyone to join the Pride Tribe and hopes to make people feel welcomed.

welsh prideFollow WelshPride888 on Twitter!


Brianne is a casual streamer who loves to hang out and chat with her viewers. She mostly plays League of Legends (I usually catch her playing Syndra, but there are plenty of other League of Legends champions!) and Among Us, and she really enjoys viewer games. On her stream, you’ll normally find Brianne drinking boba and/or talking about food. The Briikachu stream often features her cat, Oreo, and you can spend your channel points for some feel good Oreo Cam moments. Feel free to hang out, lurk, or join her Discord, The Brick Haus!

BriikachuFollow Briikachu on Twitter!


A foul-smelling bum who lives in a soiled cardboard box in the alleyway outside of a Whole Foods and uses their wifi to play games online. He occasionally wanders out of the darkness to beg for your change or scraps of food. Beware!

dopemeanFollow  dop4m34n  on Twitter!


Dasmun is me, John! A casual streamer who you’ll see drinking a cuppa tea whilst playing apex legends. Loves chatting to viewers and making new friends from all around the world. When I’m not streaming, you’ll catch me at gaming events (Twitchcon is a dream!), baking mainly banana bread (family recipe) and enjoying a variety of sports. By the way I love chocolate;  mans a chocaholic, secret intelligence that! But yeah that’s me stay positive everyone, welcome to DasMe squad. See you soon! Yours Sincerely John

dasmunFollow DasMun on Twitter!


An on-and-off variety streamer with a preference for Massive Multiplayer online RPGs like Final Fantasy XIV and Phantasy Star Online 2. She often sees connections in video games and real life. Despite being overly competitive, she is down to earth, cheerful and always willing to help others get to where they want to be in life. As an avid Discord enthusiast and community manager for small guilds and communities, Murasa knows how to start and build hubs for people looking for groups. Murasa likes to pretend she’s a ship captain and will argue for best booty.

captmurusaFollow Capt_Murasa on Twitter!

Heir to Caesar

Caesar isn’t new to streaming, he had a little stint on Mixer a couple of years ago. After a hiatus he returned at the beginning of August 2020 to streaming on Twitch. He considers himself a variety streamer and has already streamed games such as Fifa 20, Call Of Duty, Halo, Fall Guys & Marvels Avengers. Halo is his main game currently and he hopes to play the series from start to finish, finishing each game in release order. When he’s not streaming you can either find him watching live sport, searching every corner of eBay to add to his Pokemon Card Collection or beer tasting. Caesar is looking to grow his community (which he calls ‘Caesar’s Empire‘) and continue to meet amazing people along the way.

heirtocaesarFollow Heir to Caesar on Twitter!

SeaSalt Flavour

Seasalt Flavour is a new variety streamer on twitch, with plans to expand to several different platforms. although Seasalt Flavour plays whatever type of game that floats their fancy in the moment, they want to focus at least a third of their gameplay time to the horror genre… because horror games are scary and, the rumors you’ve heard are accurate, Seasalt Flavour is a True Coward™.

seasalt streamer

Follow Seasalt Flavour on Twitter!


The Man. The Myth. The Simp. Doughz1lla set up a Twitch account in the hopes of blowing up, getting on the Austin Show and taking @JustaMinx on a Minecraft date. This did not go according to plan. Instead, he ended up playing strategy games and doing onerous tasks on just chatting. He is currently trying to read the entire dictionary live on stream. Join the Bread Bin!

Streamers to follow

Follow Doughz1lla on Twitter!

Where Did this List of Twitch Streamers Come from?

I bet you’re wondering how I found such a hodgepodge group of new streamers. Well, I trolled Twitch, Twitter, and Discord until I found some super talented, unique people that I wanted to engage with, who are also super friendly in return. I included folks who are actively trying to promote and build their streams, and who are active in the gaming community. Supporting others goes extremely far in getting support, and I wanted to showcase those streamers who are the most giving.

If you have a favorite streamer who needs some love, send them our way! We’re building an amazing community of supportive streamers who want to help everyone grow together!

How Do I Find More Small Streamers?

Finding smaller streamers to support isn’t as hard as Twitch would have you think. Most of the streamers on the platform are small! Go to your favorite game, and sort by viewers low to high. That will help you find the folks who need love the most.

You can also use Twitter. Search hashtags like “#supportsmallstreamers” or “smallstreamersconnect”. Many of the newest gamers are trying to network and grow their Twitter following, so it’s a great place to find them. And they definitely appreciate the support!

Who is the Most Popular Twitch Streamer of 2020

Ok, maybe you wanted to know who the most popular streamer is, and don’t care about the rising stars. I get it. Ninja is the most popular fortnite streamer, and probably one of the most well-known streamers in general. Riot Games is the most popular League of Legends streamer (though I highly recommend supporting Briikachu instead!). Shroud is well known for playing Call of Duty.

These three I mentioned (and there are a ton more who are super popular) are professional gamers who have amassed giant followings. I can’t hate on anyone for wanting to watch the pros- they are good at what they do. But, sometimes, it’s a lot more fun to support the little guy.

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Who is the Biggest Streamer Right Now?

The top streamer is constantly changing. Right now, the biggest streamer is auronplay, with 92K average viewers in the last thirty days. If you want to keep track of who is on top, check out Twitch Metrics. It’s a constantly updating list of the top streamers based on the last 15 days. It’s fun to see who comes and who goes.

How Can I Support Small Streamers?

Now that you have a few streamers to check out, I bet you’re wondering how you can support them. Well, there are quite a few ways actually! First, you can always follow them on Twitch. Come checkout their livestream every now and again. Chat with them a little. The small streamers will appreciate it way more than the giant Twitch and Youtube stars.

Next, if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, you can subscribe to one for free! And, as a bonus, you get to take $2.50 directly out of Jeff Bezo’s pocket and give it to a small content creator. Sticking it to the man and supporting a small streamer at the same time – how can you beat that?

You can also support these small streamers on their other network. We all love getting new YouTube subscribers and twitter followers. Share their content in your network. Use their affiliate links when you were going to buy something anyway. There are lots of little ways you can show support – and trust me, the smaller guys appreciate it the most!





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