25 Apps That Pay You To Play Games

We all know that playing games is fun, but what if we get paid to play games? Here are the best apps that pay you to play games for free.

The best way to make extra money is by doing something you enjoy. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, know that you can get paid to play games. 

With so many offers for gamers who want to make some extra cash or find a job in the gaming industry, it’s become more accessible than ever to find the right opportunity for you.

Some of these apps pay you just for signing up and installing their app on your phone, and others will pay you for watching videos or completing surveys. Plus, all of the apps listed below pay you to play games.

1. MistPlay

MistPlay is a mobile Android app that lets you earn rewards while playing your favorite games and discovering new ones. The longer you play a game, the more rewards you receive. Eventually, you can trade your rewards for gift cards from Amazon, Visa and get free Google Play credit.

Besides earning money by playing games, you can enter weekly contests. 

The app is entirely free to use, and you’ll earn money right from the moment you start playing video games. MistPlay has paid over $10 million to its users at the moment of writing.

Download Mistplay

2. Gamehag

Gamehag is a platform that offers tasks to gamers and gives them rewards when they complete these tasks. It’s available on mobile, but they also provide a good amount of PC games. 

With Gamehag, you can redeem your rewards for free Steam games, Visa prepaid cards, gift cards, or premium video games. If you want to get a game but want to save money for something else, you can get titles like The Witcher and Modern Warfare for free with Gamehag.

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3. Lucktastic 

Lucktastic is a mobile app that pays people to play games and is like playing the lottery. You can play games to get lottery tickets and win up to $10,000. Every day you’ll get free tickets to play and have an opportunity to win.  

Lucktastic also offers other rewards that you can use to get gift cards from Amazon and other places. So even if you don’t win a cash prize, you’ll earn points that you can use to get a cash reward. 

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an app that pays you to do fun things like watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online, or playing games. You earn SB (Swagbucks) by doing tasks on the app.

Users can redeem their rewards for gift cards from retailers such as Amazon or Starbucks, cash via PayPal, or sweepstakes entries.

Swagbucks has already paid over $500 million to its users in gift cards and prizes. They’re legit, and it’s one of the best apps that pay you to play games.

To make money through the app, you need to sign up for a Swagbucks account and use it regularly. The more you play games on the app, the more points you can redeem for prizes and gift cards.

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5. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is an established company that earns its revenue by paying users for reading emails, sharing content, playing games, shopping online, and more. They’ve paid over $30 million to their users to date.

InboxDollars gives you cash instead of gift cards and other rewards. When you sign into the app every day and do a couple of actions, it’s easy to accumulate money on the platform as you earn between $0.25 and $5 per activity.

Join InboxDollars

6. MyPoints

MyPoints is a mobile app that pays people to play games. The more time you spend on the game, the more points you earn. Besides that, you can also get paid to shop online, watch videos, and take surveys.

MyPoints also has a referral program for you, where you earn 10% of their earnings for life. You don’t take away anything from their earnings, as MyPoints is the one paying the 10% to you. 

Join MyPoints

7. Rewardia

Rewardia is one of those apps that will help you make money while enjoying your favorite game. This app rewards players with payments while they play their favorite game.

With Rewardia, you can do more than play games. You can also watch videos, take surveys, answer trivia questions, etc.

Plus, they have a great referral program where you’ll earn 10% for life for anyone you refer.

8. Coin Pop App

Coin Pop is a gaming app that pays you to play. To get started, all you have to do is download the app and start playing. The app rewards its players with coins that you can exchange for cash or gift cards.

Users are rewarded for their in-game progress with coins that can be used in the Coin Pop store for various items, gifts, and prizes. It’s time to make money while playing games!

You can cash out with PayPal when you reach 4,999 coins. That will go a whole lot faster when you refer friends and family because you’ll get 250 points when they sign up + 25% of their earnings. Luckily, reaching 25% doesn’t mean that they get anything less.

9. PointClub

PointClub is mainly a survey site, but you can also earn money playing games on this platform. Users can get started with PointClub by downloading the app on iOS or Android.

As soon as you hit $25 in your account, you can redeem it for a gift card or choose to get the amount transferred to your PayPal account. 

10. CashCrate

CashCrate is a site where you get paid to do various things, ranging from talking surveys to playing games. It’s free to sign up to the platform, and it’s easy to download the app. 

When you’ve signed up, you’ll get daily surveys and the opportunity to get paid to play games. It’s an easy-to-use platform where you can make money in various ways.

11. Toluna Opinions

The Toluna Opinions app is a mobile application designed to help people make money in their free time. Toluna Opinions is mainly known for being a survey site. However, you can also make money playing games with this platform.

The games on the Toluna platform are primarily fun and quick for you to complete.

The Toluna Opinions app is an excellent opportunity for people who have free time and want to make money.

12. iRazoo

iRazoo is an app that pays you to play games and offers you cash to complete surveys, search online, and more. It provides a new way to get paid for doing something you already do – play games on your phone or tablet.

The more time you spend playing, the more money iRazoo will give you. It’s a simple app that offers a great rate and is comparable to Swagbucks.

13. HQ

HQ is a live trivia show for iOS and Android users, and it pays out cash prizes to the winners.

The most exciting thing? The average jackpot you can win is $5,000, with awards as high as $25,000.

You log in to the HQ app simultaneously as hundreds of thousands of other players compete for the top prize. As you fill out your answers to the questions, you can see how many remain.

If you answer every question correctly, you will split the prize with everyone else that has responded to all questions correctly. It’s an entertaining and addictive game to play.

14. Brain Battle

Brain Battle is a free app that shares a portion of their revenue with a lucky someone. You download the app and play games to earn tickets. The more tickets you get, the higher the chance of winning. 

With Brain Battle, you don’t pay anything to participate or play the games. You get a free chance of winning their cash prize. 

15. Play And Win

Play and Win pays you to answer trivia questions. Every hour you can answer a set of 50 questions, and who has the correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins. They give away $10 every hour.

You can increase your earnings with power-ups, and you’ll also get points for each achievement in the app.

16. Pogo

Pogo is an app that allows you to earn money across consoles. You can play it on your phone, Playstation, Xbox, PC, and more. The app has many different games that you can play, giving you plenty of choices and the opportunity to spend a lot of time on the platform.

With Pogo, you can earn money by entering their daily $50 drawing or winning $500 just for playing games.

17. Skillz Games

Skillz Games is a US-based platform that pays out over $100 million in prizes monthly. There are over 5 million daily tournaments that you can participate in for a chance to win. 

Skillz Games pays you to play Blackout Bingo, Dominoes Gold, 21 Blitz, and more. 

18. PCHGames

PCHGames is Publisher’s Clearing House app that pays you to play games. You can play mahjong or slots and get tokens to enter in prize drawings with prizes ranging from $1 to $1 million.

The points that you earn on the platform can also be used to enter in giveaways and win gift cards.

19. Lucky Day

Do you like playing games all day? Well, you’re in luck because there are apps that pay you to play games!

Lucky Day lets you play casino games like slots and raffles to allow you to win real prizes. They’re giving away $100,000 a day, and you can enter that by playing one of the free games offered in the app.

When you’re not the lucky person to win the $100,000, you can earn gift cards, enter giveaways, or participate in lottery pulls.

20. Bananatic

Bananatic is a gaming app that pays you to play games. Bananatic has a fun community of people who are passionate about gaming and hang out on the platform. 

You can collect points by playing games in this app, testing games, and leaving reviews for the games you’ve played in the past. You can use these points to buy gift cards or paid games.

Bananatic is an app that is free to download and play, and it is available for Android, iOS, and Windows phone users.

21. SendEarnings

There are so many apps that will pay you to play games, and SendEarnings is one of them. It’s similar to InboxDollars because it pays you to take surveys, play games, refer friends, read emails, and more. 

When you’ve earned a minimum of $25 in your account, you can cash it out through PayPal or redeem it as a gift card. When you refer a friend, you’ll also get 10% of what they earn without them getting anything less. 

22. Long Game 

Long Game is an app that rewards you for playing mini-games and meeting your financial goals. When you install the app, you link your bank account and set a goal for yourself. Every time you get closer to your goals, you’ll earn rewards that you can use to play games for real prizes. 

It’s a fun way to save money, and you’re rewarded when you stick to your savings plan. You’ll also get financial tips from financial experts that may help you reach your goals even faster.

23. VeryDice

Playing games can be an entertaining way to pass the time, but it could also be profitable. With VeryDice, you’ll get paid to roll a pair of dice, and playing a game doesn’t get easier than that. 

When you sign up for the app, you’ll get freerolls. Every time you roll, you’ll get a chance to earn rewards that you can redeem for prizes.

24. Ready Games

With Ready Games, you play against other players to win. Every week, there will be new games on the platform to try out. If that’s the case, the player with the highest score will get rewards, or it gets split between multiple players with the highest score. 

On the platform, you can usually win prizes ranging from $1,000 to over $140,000. 

Besides the fact that the prize money is high, it’s fun to compete with other players.

25. AppStation

AppStation is an Android app that pays you to try different mobile games. It’s an app where you get paid to install games, play them, and earn coins. 

When you earn coins on AppStation, you can redeem those for Google Play credit, gift cards, or PayPal cash. Without over 5 million users choosing this app to make some money, it’s an app worth checking out if you like playing mobile games. 

Conclusion – Apps That Pay You to Play Games

When you have a smartphone and have some spare time, there are many ways to make money online. When you want to combine having fun with making money, looking for apps that pay you to play games can pay off. 

If you’re the type of person already playing games, making money with them is just a bonus!