12 Millennial Trends That Will Go Out of Fashion with Younger Generations

Each generation has its time to set trends, and Millennials are no different. Some trends become part of our cultural heritage, while others sail into the moonlight as the generation ages. 

Here, Millennials share the trends they created that they think will fade. 

Secret Passages

A secret door in the shelves leading to a cigar room in a modern home.
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Secret passages have always held allure but are usually limited to giant mansions. Millennials build secret rooms in their suburban homes, but we aren’t sure future generations will love them as much as we do. 


Close up of a woman's torso showing that she's wearing four layers of clothing.
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Millennial fashion relies on layers. We wear tanks under long-sleeved shirts under short-sleeved shirts under jackets. 

Fast Casual

group of happy people at a restaurant
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Casual dining is out; fast casual is in! At least, according to Millennials, who prefer to grab a bite at places like Chipotle and Cava. Unfortunately, inflation is pricing lots of folks out of these dining options. 

Painted Cabinets

A modern kitchen with colorful, purple cabinets.
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Millennials take gorgeous hardwood cabinets and paint them in bright, gaudy colors. Future generations will cringe at the destruction. 


A modern living room with a sofa, chair, and area rug.
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Does the Millennial generation have any flair? You wouldn’t think so if you stepped into their homes, which are covered with drab neutral paints and lack personality. 

Updating it All

A modern bedroom. The bed has grey sheets, the walls are neutral, there's a small plant in the corner, and the dark curtains are open allowing light in.
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Millennials buy gorgeous old homes, then rip everything out to “modernize” them. What’s the point of purchasing a historical house if you’re going to destroy all the history?

Quirky Baby Names

baby crying with smashed cake all over it at their birthday party.
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People who see children as accessories sentence them to a lifetime of misery with “quirky” names that are impossible to spell. Kids with these horrible names will probably name their own children something easy like “John” and “Beth.”


Pretty red haired woman singing with a microphone.
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Does anyone actually sing anymore? Autotune hit the markets while Millenials were in high school, and the fake music is so ubiquitous we can barely recognize it anymore. Future generations will want authenticity. 

Farmhouse Decor

An old desolate wooden farmhouse stands abandoned in a field.
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Millennials who don’t do drab opted for the farmhouse look, decorating everything with chickens, hay, and barnyard doors. 

Posting Pictures of Children

Someone filming a young child with their phone.
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The Millennial generation pioneered the internet. The newness meant they didn’t consider the long-term effects of some of their online behaviors, like posting pictures of their children everywhere. Younger generations who grow up without privacy will probably value privacy more. 


therapist leading a group therapy session
Photo Credit: Ground Picture via Shutterstock.com.

Millennials helped shine a spotlight on mental health issues, but they overdid it with all the self-diagnosis. People who’ve never seen a doctor claim they have ADHD, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, and a whole host of other medical conditions. 

Hopefully, healthcare will become more affordable, and people who think they may have a condition can actually see a doctor for help. 

Pet Parents

Smiling woman holding a cat
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Millennials are obsessed with their pets to an unhealthy degree. Dogs don’t need to accompany us everywhere. They don’t need therapists and daycare. Let’s hope younger generations bring common sense back to pet ownership. 


Woman crossing her arms in a refusal gesture.
Photo Credit: Roman Samborskyi via Shutterstock.com.

Despite all the pressure to procreate, it’s perfectly valid not to want kids. Millennials and younger generations are opting out of parenthood at record rates. 

Here are their top reasons for not wanting kids

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