14 Everyday Items Becoming Obsolete Before Our Very Eyes

In a world of rapidly changing technology, things become obsolete in seconds. Here are some of the most concerning things that won’t matter soon. 

Our Jobs

A smiling woman working at a desk in an open office.
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With advances in AI and technological developments, many modern jobs will become obsolete. We need to plan for this massive influx of unemployment before it’s too late. 

Owning a Product

man choosing a subscription plan from a computer screen holding his credit card.
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Many products and services are switching to subscription-based models, meaning people don’t really own anything. Instead, you get to pay to use it forever. 

Home Ownership

A family standing outside their new home smiling and showing off the keys.
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The lack of ownership isn’t limited to products. With the price of homes constantly rising, many fear they’ll never be able to buy. With younger generations hit the hardest, some fear home ownership will become a thing of the past. 

Printed Photos

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People used to print out photos and proudly display them in frames and albums around their homes. Now that folks can store thousands of photos on their phones, they don’t even think to print them out anymore. 

Fax Machines

Vintage office phone and fax machine with white paper sticking out of the top.
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Fax machines used to be the fastest, most secure way to send paper information. Now, we can scan and send without touching a physical piece of paper. 

CDs and DVDs

small pile of cds.
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Most media now exists in digital form, making the old storage devices obsolete. 


Two girls sitting on bean bag chairs having an active, friendly conversation. They're paying attention to each other.
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People are so wrapped up in themselves and their online world that they forget how to engage in public. Courtesy is out the window as we scream at each other for every little perceived slight. 

We hope this one makes a comeback. 

Home Telephones

An angry older woman yelling into her wired home phone.
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Everyone has a cell phone, so we don’t really need a home phone anymore. However, hard-wired landlines are far better in emergencies. 

Our Skills

A woman frustrated at her computer. She has her hand up and is staring at the screen looking annoyed.
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The rapidly changing technological landscape made many “in-demand” skills of a decade ago obsolete. We no longer need to know cursive, but we better know how to navigate the web. 

Manned Checkouts

Woman scanning a bottle at a self check out.
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More and more stores are moving to self-checkout as they learned they can reduce labor costs and place the labor burden on their customers without lowering prices. 


An older man with grey hair smiles and holds up a credit card.
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Though stores can’t reject legal tender, most Americans don’t even carry cash anymore. All our money is stored as numbers on a computer server. 

Five-Day Work Week

A stressed out worker stares at his laptop screen while hands shove papers and tasks in his face.
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Many hope that today’s current work culture will soon become obsolete. We don’t need to spend nine hours a day in an office five days a week. 

This change can’t come soon enough. 


A plain shopping center outside without any branding. A strip mall of ugly beige buildings.
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When everyone started shopping online, they no longer needed malls. Many malls already shut down, and the ones still lingering are relics of the past. 


a handshake
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American society is so divided we lost the will and ability to compromise. Our side is always right, the other side is always wrong, and there’s no room for nuance. 

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