15 Products that Fly off the Shelves Despite Not Working as Advertised

People love hype. They’ll continuously buy stuff that doesn’t work, hoping it will one day. Here are the top products we still buy even though we all know they don’t work. 


Five colorful fruit juices in bottle with the fruits that make them above the bottle.
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Super juices, pills, and anything else that promises to cleanse or detox the body typically don’t work, yet they’re still super popular. 

Copper Bracelets

Close up of a wrist with a copper bracelet on it.
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Buy a copper bracelet because you like how it looks, not because you think it connects you to Earth’s poles. It doesn’t. 


large printer printing out a sample of all the colors.
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Printers present a Catch-22. We need them, but they never work the way we want. Everyone’s had the Office Space moment where they wish they could take the printer out to a secluded field. 

Flushable Wipes

A modern clean looking bathroom.
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New Africa via Shutterstock.com.

Wipes serve a fantastic purpose but don’t buy them thinking they’re really flushable. Many will mess up your plumbing, and those that don’t are awful for the environment. 

Cheap Can Openers

Up close view of a person using a can opener to open a can of food.
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People on a budget constantly buy cheap kitchen gear like can openers, hoping that this time, it will work. No one wants to pay $20 for a deluxe can opener, but sometimes we have to because the cheap one doesn’t cut it. 

Axe Body Spray

A man uses spray on deodorant while getting ready in the bathroom mirror.
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Axe Body Spray markets itself as irresistible to women. That may have been true on college campuses when it first came out, but now, many women associate the smell with players. 

Pumpkin Carving Kits

A smiling carved pumpkin in a dark barn light by candlelight.
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Pumpkin carving kits must walk a fine line between safety and utility. Most fail. Sorry, kids, you can’t carve through a pumpkin’s tough husk with a plastic knife. 

Disposable Razors

A man shaving his face.
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Disposable razors trim the hair but leave an irritating mess of razer burn in their wake. People still buy them because it’s far cheaper and easier than investing in a good razer. 

Natural Deodorant

Man holding his nose because something smells bad.
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We get that people want to reduce chemicals on their bodies and save the environment, but we’re sorry to say natural deodorants don’t work. Please use something more potent. 


Bundle of Q-tips held veritcally on a blue background.
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Legally, no one who makes Q-Tips can say what they’re really used for, so we all pretend they’re for applying makeup or whatever. 


couple meeting with an insurance agent
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Insurance is such a scam. We need it to drive, protect our homes, and pay for healthcare, but they’ll find any reason possible not to pay when you need it. 

Extended Warranties

A business man's hand is outstreched in front of him and a symbol for a warrenty with five stars underneath floats above his palm.
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Retailers push extended warranties because they’re 100% profit. They’d stop pushing them if people stopped falling for the scam. 

Dating Apps

Man and woman's hands holding their phones next to each other. Each has a picture of themself holding a piece of a heart on their phone to represent dating apps.
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When dating apps first burst on the scene, they offered innovative ways to meet new people. Now, women stopped using them, so they trick men into thinking there are real women out there who like them, so they’ll pay for premium access. 

Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuum cleaning a spill made by a ginger cat who sits nearby.
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Robot vacuums work great for light cleaning, but if you have a dog or cat, forget about it. 

Essential Oils

Bottles of essential oils on a table with herbs and flowers in the background.
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Essential oils smell nice, but if you’re buying them for the advertised health effects, you’re probably wasting your money. 

Legal Scams

woman with mad and confused facial expression holding one hand up as if to say "what?".
Photo Credit: Dean Drobot via Shutterstock.com.

Society is ripe with folks legally scamming you out of your hard earned cash.

Here are the top scams we all just accepted as normal. 

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