Capitalistic Failure: The Real Reasons Younger Folks Don’t Care About Work

America’s love affair with capitalism is coming to a close. Younger generations scoff at the predatory system, no longer believing it’s the key to happy people and a booming economy. 

Here are the top reasons younger workers don’t care about work like their elders do. 

Stagnant Wages

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During America’s golden age, a middle-class job paid one person enough to own a home and support a family. Wages haven’t kept pace with inflation, and the minimum wage isn’t even enough to rent an apartment in most parts of the country. 

No Loyalty

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Companies demand loyalty, but workers don’t get the same respect. Nearly every state in the union is an “at-will” employment state, meaning companies don’t need any reason to fire workers. They’ll drop you in an instant if it saves a few dollars. 

Toxic Bosses

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Far too many managers fail to grasp basic leadership concepts. They treat employees like endless disposable cogs, denying leave requests, forcing overtime, and even stealing wages. 

Worse Customers

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If bosses are bad, customers are worse. Retail and service employees get treated like the gum you scrape off the bottom of your shoe. Far too many customers use service workers as punching bags, and they’re sick of being treated like trash. 


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The cult of work worship is coming to an end. Many younger folks see the pointlessness inherent in many jobs and refuse to engage. They don’t want to waste their lives helping an endless machine boost profits. They want to spend their time on meaningful work that adds value to the world. 

Opportunities Elsewhere

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Traditional jobs are no longer the only path to wealth. Millennials and Gen Z are using technology to create their own dream lives. They’re starting blogs, podcasts, and Youtube channels to share their messages with the world, making ends meet with gig work on their own schedules, and using the digital economy to boost their earnings. 

No Retirement

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Long gone are the days of company pensions ensuring a secure retirement. Young folks aren’t even sure social security will be around to help them as they age. 

The old bargain where we trade the best years of our lives for ensured security in our senior years is long gone. 

Climate Wars

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The future has never been more uncertain. Some younger folks think climate change will destroy any chance they have at a stable retirement. 

Why dedicate our limited time to a work culture that doesn’t work for us?


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Work is no longer a mutually beneficial arrangement. Far too many companies exploit their workers, paying far less than their worth; while expecting them to be available at their beck and call. 

Companies hoard vacation time, refuse to let employees relax, and rarely even allow folks to take off when sick. 

Corporate Culture

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Older millennials were enticed by “fun” corporate offerings like ping pong tables, cafes, and nap rooms. Younger folks realize those are just fancy ways of trapping folks in the office. 

Those perks no longer cut. Now, workers want real change, demanding remote work options, flexible schedules, shorter work weeks, and a better work/life balance. 

Not Worth It

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Younger generations look at the totality of the situation and come to an apt conclusion: it’s not worth it. 

They can’t make enough money to survive even if working full-time, so why bother? They opt to enjoy their time and make ends meet however they can.

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