Millennials Share 15 Things That Drive Them Crazy About Gen Xers

In all the Boomer vs. Millennial media, we usually forget the middle child generation, the Gen Xers. Don’t feel left out, Gen X! Millennials have things to say about you too!

Here’s the most annoying thing about Gen Xers, according to Millennials. 

They’re Just Like Boomers

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Some Millennials can’t tell the difference between Generation X and the elder Boomers. Many older members of Gen X vote and behave exactly like Boomers. 

Wouldn’t Let Them Outside

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Though many Millennials have Boomer parents, a lot have Gen X parents, and they’re mad that the Gen X parents were too scared to let them play outside. 

Don’t Think About Gen X at All

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Boomers and Millennials constantly make the news, so many Millennials don’t think about Gen X at all. 

Incapable of Seeing Our Point of View

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We aren’t sure if it’s a Gen X thing or a parent thing, but Millennials with Gen X parents complain about their parent’s inability to comprehend anything from a different perspective. Boomers tend to have the same problem. 


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Gen X’s harsh attitude toward the world shines for all to see when they take their anger out on everyone else. They often bullied their younger Millennial family members to instill the lesson that life isn’t fair. 

No Political Correctness

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The generation means well (at least more so than the Boomers), but they still have a hard time understanding why they can’t use “gay” as an insult and why they should use proper pronouns. They didn’t grow up with the sensitivity training Millennials did, but most are willing to learn. 

Poor Leaders

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Boomer bosses may have ridiculous expectations, but at least they’ll tell you what those are. Gen Xers are passive leaders and set their employees up for failure by refusing to communicate standards. 


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Gen X is the most apathetic generation. Everything from their teenage years, from their music to the beloved Daria, screamed, “I don’t care,” and they still approach the world with the same attitude. 

Digging In

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Many Gen Xers suffer from immense insecurity. They’re incapable of admitting they’re wrong and would rather dig their heels in than say they’re sorry. 

Too Traditional

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Older members of Gen X are far too traditional for Millennials. They extol the value of hard work and still think that if we just budgeted harder, we could afford the rent. 

Actions vs Words

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Gen X seems on board with social justice, but they don’t vote for it and support people who actively fight against it. There appears to be a disconnect between Gen X’s actions and their words. 

They Could Have Saved Us

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Some Millennials blame Gen X for our current state of affairs. They may not be the biggest voting block, but if they cared more in their youth, they could have made a massive difference in many crucial elections. 

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