Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous: Normal People Share the Craziest Rich People Things They’ve Ever Seen

Most people can only imagine what we’d do if blessed with a seemingly never-ending cash stream. The millionaires and billionaires live a life we could never even dream of. 

Glimpsing the Life

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Some folks who work for the wealthiest amongst us get a glimpse of what it’s like. A question on the popular Ask Reddit forum asked people who work for super-rich folks to share the craziest things they’ve seen. 

Here are some of the best answers. 

Oblivious To Reality

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A common theme in the thread was the wealthy’s seeming inability to understand their immense privilege. 

One user shared that a wealthy cousin claimed he should buy a bike from her friend because “It’s pretty cheap, too. I think he only wants $7,000 for it.” The baffled user couldn’t respond as they drove home in their $4,000 car. 

Houses for the Kids

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One incredibly wealthy investor bought homes for his young children (in cash!) to ensure they each had a place to live if the housing market skyrocketed during their childhood. 

He placed the homes in trust, and the kids get access upon graduating college, trade school, or completing a military enlistment. 

Randomly Buying Them Things

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Working for a wealthy family has its perks when they’re nice folks. One user said they babysat for an extremely wealthy family, and the mom generously showered them with gifts such as SCUBA gear, an Apple watch, and an all-expense paid vacation. 

Life-Changing Money

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Rich people aren’t all bad. One man sold his company for hundreds of millions of dollars, then used some of the profit to fund college for his employee’s children. He gave each child $40K for their college education. 

Family Sensors

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You can afford the best smart home technology when you have stupid money. One person said each person in a wealthy family carries a personalized chip with them, and whenever they enter a room, their favorite scents and sounds play automatically. 


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Some kids get tree houses, but rich kids get little toy mansions. One wealthy family built a toy replica of their home for their young son. It even had working plumbing. 

Outrageous Bets

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A casino worker watched a millionaire lose millions in just a few bets. It barely phased them. 

Throwing Stuff Away

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If you’ve ever dumpster-dived in affluent neighborhoods, you’ll find that they throw the weirdest things away. They’ll even toss out clothes they’ve never worn that still have tags!

Returning them, donating, or trying to resell aren’t worth the effort. 

Out for Lunch

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Most of us are out of luck when we crave a delicious meal from our hometown. Rich folks just hop on their private jets to enjoy lunch at their favorite lunch spot, wherever that might be. 

Trading in Cars

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Rich folk’s unending desire to own the latest and greatest all but ensures the luxury car market’s continued existence. 

They’ll buy new cars yearly, never caring about the thousands of dollars they waste in depreciation. 

Art Movers

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The exceptionally wealthy are insane enough to need their art to snowbird with them. Every season, they hire art movers to ensure their prized possessions accompany them to whichever home they stay at for the next few months. 

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