People Admit the Most Ridiculous Things They Didn’t Know About the Other Gender

As they say, Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus. The disconnect comes from people who refuse to relate to one another due to societal roles and gendered expectations. 

We’re All People

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When you get close to someone of another gender, you realize that they, just like you, are people. As people, they have flaws and challenges. 

Here are the most hilarious and ridiculous things people admit not knowing about the other gender. 

Locker Room Talk Not True

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Most men don’t boast about their exploits in the locker room. Many women were shocked to discover that many men hold intimacy in high regard and would prefer to keep their private life private. 


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Women’s shirts and men’s shirts have buttons on opposite sides. One user shared that the historical reason is that wealthy women didn’t dress themselves, and the button placement made it easier for servants. 

Men and Kids

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Women are allowed to interact with kids, but men not so much. Women are shocked to discover how much men have to think about every little interaction with a child that isn’t theirs. 


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Solution-oriented men are shocked to find that women don’t always want solutions. They want to vent and want someone to empathize. 

Solutions = Helpful

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Men think if someone is complaining, they want solutions. Many women learned their partner wasn’t dismissive when he said, “Well, I’d just do x, y, and z” while she was venting; they think they’re helping by offering a solution. 


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Women are overwhelmed. They work full-time jobs outside the home but are still burdened with the bulk of the domestic labor. 

Men who realize that helping at home will make their wives, and therefore their lives much better, reap the rewards. 


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Men see attractive women and think they must know how amazing they look. Many are shocked to discover that the majority of women are deeply insecure. The media constantly tells women they’re not pretty enough; even the most attractive women can’t escape. 


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Some people think of men as machines and are shocked to learn that praise and compliments go a long way. Men need recognition and accolades just like anyone else. 

Women Want To Be Seen as People

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One man shared that he recently discovered that most women want to be seen as “interesting.” Women responded by sharing how refreshing it is to grow old and no longer be seen as an object of desire. 

Women want people to care about them and their lives because of their inherent humanity, not what you might get from them. 

Hair, Everywhere

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Magazines teach us that women’s hair is always perfect. Men seldom take a moment to consider the downsides of maintaining a luxurious mane. 

Men learn the truth after living with a woman and discovering random hairs in the most uncomfortable places. 

Random Thoughts

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Men dread the question, “What are you thinking about.” Women who realize he’s contemplating what his favorite cartoon hero would do when faced with the threat of world destruction, or considering how many atoms are in the apple he’s eating, have healthier relationships. 

Women ARE People

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Far too many men get flustered when talking to women, and others think they’re just objects to be won. Some men admitted to thinking of women as machines you put kindness tokens into to get rewards. 

Treating women as the people they are unlocks relationship success. 

What We Say We Want

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Both men and women are guilty of thinking we want one thing but actually wanting another. One user said men often say they want strong women but, in reality, want a strong woman who will still submit to them. In contrast, women say they want emotionally vulnerable men, but they really want a man who’s only emotional on her terms. 

We’re More Alike Than Different

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Men and women are raised differently and bombarded with different messages about our roles at birth. But the truth is we’re all just people. 

We all want love and connection with someone who appreciates us. We want to be treated like human beings with inherent value. 

When we throw off the shackles of gender roles and relate to each other as human beings, we’ll be much happier. 

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