Humanity’s Biggest Blunders: 12 Ways Mankind Messed Up

Throughout human history, we’ve made some atrocious mistakes. Here’s what people think of as the most significant blunders of humanity. 

Leaving the Trees

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English writer Douglas Adams once proposed that leaving the trees in the first place was humanity’s biggest mistake. 

We’d still be one with nature and could have avoided the other horrific errors on this list. 


Adolf Hitler giving a Nazi Salute in Germany. 1939.
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Humanity’s biggest flaw is the tendency to commit genocide against those we deem “different.” 

People engaged in numerous genocides in our long and sordid history, and we can only hope we’ve learned from these atrocious events. 


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Genocide starts with putting people in boxes. Our refusal to recognize each other’s humanity often leads to atrocities. 

Social Media

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Social media was supposed to keep us connected, but instead, it allowed the worst aspects of humanity to shine through and multiply. People feel comfortable sharing their darkest thoughts through the relative safety of their keyboards. 


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We invented a nearly indestructible material and then proceeded to litter the world with it. Plastics destroyed ecosystems and even our own health. 

Refusal To Learn

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Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it. Humans don’t learn; thus, we keep repeating the same mistakes that doomed our ancestors. 

Separating Ourselves from Nature

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Humans are animals, yet our egos often thrust us into a position above the rest of the natural world. We feel entitled to its bounty yet somehow immune from its adverse effects. 

The idea that we’re someone better than nature will ultimately cause our own destruction. 

And Destroying It

Dead dried out trees on a beach to represent climate change.
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Humans don’t think twice about plowing entire forests to make room for livestock or condos. However, some of our greatest discoveries came from nature. We’ve found cures for exotic diseases inside the very forests we’re destroying. 

Corporations Are People

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The US has made some horrible legal decisions, but Citizens United stands as one of the worst. It granted corporations all the legal rights and protections of “We the People,” with no accountability. 

Fearing Nuclear Power

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Nuclear power offers clean energy that would help turn the tide in the fight against climate change. However, we refuse to harness the energy for fear of it’s great power. 

Profit First

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Many human cultures tend to put profits above people. We can’t get over our base animal instincts that force us to horde resources, so our entire planet suffers. 


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Humans have waged war against each other since the dawn of civilization. You’d think with our superior intellect, we’d find ways to resolve our problems without resorting to violence. 

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