The Brighter Side: Top Positive Things Happening in the World Today

Our news feeds burst with negativity. Here are some positive happenings to improve your outlook and boost your mood!

Tissue Cultures Save Endangered Plants

asortment of potted plants on a shelf.
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Modern technology saves the day yet again! Advances in tissue culture technology can bring endangered species back from the brink of extinction. 

Two years ago, Brazil was freaking out trying to keep their last remaining spiritus sancti plants to themselves, and today, anyone can have them in their house, and there is no market for poachers,” explained one Reddit user. 

Malaria Vaccine

Dr. vaccinating an older female patient.
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Malaria is one of the deadliest diseases on Earth, and a new vaccine may save millions. The vaccine is in the final stages of development, undergoing human trials to verify efficacy. 

We Saved the Pandas!

Panda bear munching on bamboo.
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The giant panda, the symbol of the World Wildlife Federation, no longer tops the endangered species list. Though still at risk, they’ve been downgraded from endangered to vulnerable. 


Server carrying tray of water
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Water scarcity is a real problem, even though water covers 70% of the Earth. The problem lies in salt: ocean water is undrinkable and unusable for agriculture. 

Researchers at MIT may have solved the problem with new technology that can quickly and easily desalinate water. 

Poverty on the Decline

A homeless person sitting on the street holding a sign as pedestrians walk by.
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Though the crisis is far from over, global poverty is declining. Of course, these statistics only highlight extreme poverty and cover the global scale. 

Tree Growth

Sun shining through a forest in autumn.
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The United States has more trees today than 100 years ago, highlighting our growing desire for green spaces and understanding that plant life is essential to a healthy planet. 

Teen Pregnancy Down

Smiling pregnant woman standing at a window holding her pregnant belly.
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As education and access to contraception increase, teenage pregnancy rates decrease. Teen pregnancy rates peaked in the 90s but have been declining ever since.

Facing Trauma

therapist leading a group therapy session
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People look down on millennials and Gen Z for all their labels and talk about mental health, but it’s actually a positive. 

As we better understand mental illnesses and trauma responses, we can avoid making the same mistakes in the future. 

Green Energy

a lightbulb shining in the dirt next to a growing plant to represent green energy.
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A German company developed a process to create energy from waste. They produce energy from wastewater, which may help solve the world’s energy crisis. 

Knowledge and Connectivity

happy woman sitting crosslegged with computer in her lap
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We don’t often pause to consider the world of knowledge available at our fingertips. Unlock the secrets of relatively, learn calculus, connect with friends on the other side of the planet, and find out what a sperm whale eats, all with the click of a button.

Time Flies – Savor Every Moment

sand running through an hourglass to represent quotes about time.
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They often say time flies, and that’s true. We’re often so busy we don’t even notice the days and years slip away. 

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What’s an Empath?

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Empaths can read other people’s emotions. Find out how it works and whether you may have some empathic abilities! 

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Achieve Financial Independence with Stress Free Part Time Work

Happy attractive barista serving a coffee drink to represent Barista Fire
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Wouldn’t it be great if you could work part time at an easy, stress free job you love? Barista Fire is the path to financial independence that lets you do just that!

What’s Chaotic Neutral?

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