These Behaviors May Be Legal, But They’re Still Super Creepy

Legality only tells you if you will go to jail for doing something. It has nothing to do with whether a behavior is socially acceptable. 

These behaviors, although perfectly legal, are downright creepy. You may not get arrested for doing these things, but you may lose friends over it. 


Three tasty looking street tacos from Los Angeles.
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It’s legal to eat human flesh if you can legally acquire it. One man had to have his foot amputated and asked to take the foot home. He used it to serve tacos to his friends (everyone was fully informed about what they were eating). 

Countdown to 18

A timer counting down days hours and minutes.
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People create websites counting the days until celebrities, usually girls, turn 18. These disgusting sites are counting the days until it’s “legal” to think improper thoughts about children. News flash: If you’re making a countdown before she’s 18, you already have inappropriate ideas. 

These should be illegal. 

Taking a Sniff

Man holding his nose because something smells bad.
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Intentionally smelling another human without consent could be considered harassment, but there’s no law against smelling the things they’ve recently discarded.  People really do smell subway and bus seats after an attractive woman leaves. 

Not illegal, but really gross. 

The Next Treadmill

man running on a treadmill at the gym.
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When you’re in an empty gym, and someone’s using the treadmill on the far side of the gym, don’t jump onto the one right next to them. Space it out. 

Pet Wars

Woman cuddling her dog on a bright yellow background.
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Some people will fight tooth and nail to get the family dog in a divorce only to turn Fido into the shelter. They didn’t want the dog; they wanted to spite the other person. 

This behavior is more cruel than creepy but warrants a mention. 

Exploiting Kids

Nervous child with a microphone in her face at a beauty pageant.
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Parents can legally exploit their kids in most cases. Parents plaster their kids’ images all over social media for fame and clout, force kids to participate in child beauty pageants, and even make older kids defacto parents for the younger kids. 

Following People

A man wearing a hood trails a frightened looking woman.
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There’s nothing illegal about following people on public property. It is super creepy, though, especially if it’s intentional. 

Taking Photos at Pools/Beaches

A man takes pictures using a digital camera at a serene and empthy beach.
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You can legally have a camera at the public pool or beach and take photos of whatever you encounter while there. 

However, if you’re lurking at the beach to take photos of women in bathing suits, everyone will call you a creep. Hint: They’re right. 


Cartoon of numerous Paparrazi gathered around to take a photo.
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Paparrazi are legalized stalkers. Why is it okay for photographers to stalk celebrities just because they’re famous, and why do consumers constantly buy the product?


Man browsing a newspaper at the newspaper stand.
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It’s legal to fabricate stories about people under the guise of speculation. Does a celebrity nonchalantly place her hand on her belly? She must be pregnant! Two people are seen together? They must be dating!

Purity Balls

happy father and daughter dressed up as if they're going to a dance.
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Daddy/daughter purity balls put the full creepiness of Puritanical religions on full blast. Everything about the tradition is creepy, from the daughters pledging their virginity to their fathers to the idea that a women’s value lies in her virginity. 

These poor kids. 

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