This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Examples Where One Person Ruined it for Everyone

One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. Sometimes society creates fantastic perks for people, but that one guy finds ways to take advantage and then ruins it for the rest of us. 

Here are some shining examples of cool things ruined by one person’s selfish (sometimes abhorrent!) actions. 

Free Light Bulbs

Person holding a light bulb that's on despite not being connecting to anything.
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Back in the day, electric companies would replace light bulbs for free if you returned the used ones. It only took one hardware store to sue for the practice to stop. 

Now we all have to pay for lightbulbs because of one company’s greed. 

Toothbrush Mustache

Man dressed in the style of Charlie Chaplin.
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Charlie Chaplin donned a magnificent stash, but his contemporary, a German dictator who will remain nameless, destroyed the look for the foreseeable future. 

Fun fact: Charlie Chaplin and said German dictator were born four days apart in 1889. 

Shoes on an Airplane

blurred impression of airport security screening passengers.
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Someone tried to smuggle explosives in their shoes, and now everyone has to take their footwear off when going through airport security lines. 

Sushi Licker

top view of assorted sushi.
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Many Japanese restaurants used to serve sushi on a conveyer belt. Patrons would take what looked good as it passed by. 

Unfortunately, one sicko thought it would be funny to lick the sushi as it rode by, thus eliminating the practice. 

Inappropriate Coaches

Soccer coach kneeling watching the player's foot work.
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When people abuse their positions of power, everyone suffers. Obviously, the victims have the worst of it, but the stories destroy the prestige of the profession and cause people who are dedicated to their jobs to take extra precautions to limit the potential for abuse. 

In professions like coaching, where coaches need one-on-one interaction with the players and must sometimes catch them or help when they’re injured, the stigma can hurt performance. 

“Fifth One Free” Food Stamps

A waitress holding a tray with two sandwiches on it.
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Most restaurants that issue cards allowing customers to get something free after several visits regret the decision. Customers find any possible way to take advantage, from stealing the stamp in general to demanding stamps for lesser purchases. 

Why can’t we just accept nice things?

Easy Open Meds

Person pouring a few tablets out of a jar of over the counter pain meds.
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All over-the-counter medication must be tamper-proof because one jerk in the 80s tried to poison a bottle of OTC pain meds. 

Millions of people must wrestle with annoying packaging to get their sweet relief. 


Dr. vaccinating an older female patient.
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Andrew Wakefield single handily destroyed the glowing reputation vaccines enjoyed. His now-debunked research caused millions of people to doubt the efficacy of vaccines, and it turned out he was an absolute hack. 

Kinder Toys

small cheap toys to represent items you'd use for kitbashing
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We can’t blame the kid who choked, but we do blame the parents for allowing a small child to attempt to eat chocolate filled with a toy surprise. 

Now, kinder eggs can’t include toys. 


Silhouette of Elon Musk over the Twitter icon.
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One man invested millions of dollars into an impressive social media company and subsequently destroyed it. It’s practically unusable. 

New Twitter is a sinking ship as millions of users switch to other apps. 


Source: Reddit

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