11 “Rude” Behaviors You Should Do Anyway

Society has a ton of unwritten rules. Different cultures have different ideas of what’s rude and what’s respectful, and we often get confused about why some folks think we’re rude. 

While scrolling through Reddit, I found a thread asking folks to share things that people often consider rude, even though they shouldn’t be. 

Here are some of the top responses.

Declining an Invitation

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Why did we decide it’s rude to say no to something we don’t want to do? One Redditor said, “Declining an invitation or just saying No to something because you simply don’t want to do it without making up some b*llsh*t excuse why” shouldn’t be rude, but we sometimes feel it is. 

Saying No To Pets

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Of course, it’s always nice when folks ask if they can pet the dog, and much better than just reaching over without question. 

However, despite their hurt feelings, it’s not rude to say no. Some dogs don’t do well with strangers, and others are busy working. The best response is a kind no paired with “Thank you so much for asking!”

Asking Folks To Leave

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Have you ever thrown a party, then had to wait an outrageously long time for that last clueless guest to say goodnight?

As hosts, we feel bad about telling our guests to leave, but calling it a night when the party is over is okay. 

Being Quiet

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We all don’t always have things to say, though those who remain quiet in social interactions are often considered rude. Introverts are allowed to hang out too!

“I’m just introverted and gain so much peace by listening and not having to contribute,” shared one user. 

Jumping Right To It

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Why do we insist on pointless niceties before asking for what we want? Corporate culture has folks wasting time exchanging pleasantries rather than coming right out with the question. 

“Pleasantry + what you need in the same message shouldn’t be so hard to come by,” explained one exasperated user. 

Not Hugging Relatives

Grandparents playing in the grass with young grandchild.
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Why do parents force their children to hug distant relatives they never see? We must teach kids that they have the final say over who touches them, not force them into physical contact they don’t want. 

Way to teach consent!

Not Responding Immediately

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The best thing about texting is that you can take your time to answer, or so we thought. Some folks get cranky when you don’t respond to a text immediately. 

“I thought the point of messaging was to respond at your convenience,” said one Redditor, baffled at how not responding could be rude. 

Not Drinking

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People throw a fit when you refuse to drink with them. They ask questions about why you won’t indulge and try to pressure you into changing your mind. 

There’s absolutely nothing rude about hanging out without drinking. 

Coworkers, Not Friends

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We don’t choose our coworkers; sometimes, we have nothing in common with them outside of work. We’re not obligated to attend happy hours, potlucks, or other activities with our colleagues. We don’t need to be friends outside of work. 

Salary Discussions

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Corporate America loves pushing the narrative that salary discussions are rude, but it only benefits them. 

Employees should discuss their earnings. It’s the best way to determine whether a company treats everyone fairly. 

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Source: Reddit