How To Live An Epic Life – It’s Within Reach!

We only have one chance at life, as far as we know, so why not make it epic? The trick is how to live an epic life.

Many YouTubers, podcasters, and influencers will try to sell you the products and services you need to make your life epic, but the truth about living an epic life may surprise you. There’s more than one way to do it.

The tried and true popular ways to live an epic life will always be great options, but the truth is they aren’t the only options.

Two Popular Ways to Live an Epic Life


Exploring the world is a top way to live an epic life. This vast planet abounds with histories, cultures, foods, natural wonders, and more. Visit far-off lands and indulge in local cultures.

There are hundreds of bucket list travel locales to choose from for an epic life of exploration. Whether you’re interested in arts, culture, food, or nature, there’s a place for you to visit.


When we think of the word “epic,” our minds usually go to blood-pumping adventures, like diving out of an airplane or braving the ocean depths on a fishing expedition.

Living an epic life can be all about adventure sports. Spend your time white water rafting down the fasted rapids on the planet, trekking through the jungle on safari, or climbing the highest and most dangerous mountains in the world.

Living an Epic Life Is More Than Action and Adventure

To be epic, you don’t have to climb Mount Everest, trek through the Amazon, or jump out of airplanes. Though travel and adventure are two excellent ways to live an epic life, they aren’t the only ways.

Though that may work for some, the truth is that everyone has different hopes and dreams in life. The real secret to living an epic life is living a life true to yourself.

What Does it Mean to Live an Epic Life?

Living an epic life is about living life to the fullest.  However, there are numerous paths to fulfillment. What works for some may not work for others. It’s important to live life without regret, to do things that are meaningful to you, and to pursue the things that make you happy. 

An epic life is a happy life, and the key to happiness is living a life true to yourself. 

How To Live Epic Life While Being True to Yourself

Here are eight additional ideas for living an epic life while being true to yourself. The trick is you don’t have to do them all. Lean into your talents and pursue the parts of life that speak to you. 

Pick what suits you best, and live your version of an epic life!


Many people find fulfillment in nurturing other people and creatures. You can live an epic life and leave a lasting legacy by prioritizing your nurturing nature. Raise a large family and help the world by providing competent, functional adults for the next generation. 

You may also want to nurture beyond your immediate family by adopting or fostering children or doing the same for another species. The world needs people who care enough to spend their lives nurturing the young and the sick. It may not be the epic life we hear about in stories, but your lasting impact on those you nurture will, in fact, be epic.


Do you think famous artists like Leonardo DaVinci and Vincent Van Gogh were epic? They may not have been well-traveled or may have struggled with mental health, but their creations showcase the inner truth: they had epic minds.

Every creator is epic. It takes time, energy, and commitment to perfect your craft. Whether you create stories, paintings, crafts, movies, or something else, lean into it. Let your creations serve as your legacy.


Stephen Hawking used a wheelchair for half his life, yet his entire life was epic. He dedicated his time to learning the inner workings of the galaxy, helping humanity unravel the secrets to black holes and string theory.

You don’t have to be a Hawking-level genius to live an epic life of learning. Find a subject that enthralls you and dedicate your life to learning about it. It doesn’t matter whether you solve mysteries of the universe or learn things that are new to you. The fulfillment you gain from personal development can be enough to live an epic life.


You can be epic by dedicating your life to service. Joining the military is a path of service that may allow you to travel the world, but it’s not the only path. Many people serve in local governments, on police forces, or in volunteer capacities for causes that speak to them.

Thousands of causes need helping hands. You can serve food at homeless shelters, socialize cats that need loving homes, deliver meals to the elderly, plant trees, or canvas neighborhoods for your favorite political candidate.

Dedicating your time to worthy causes may not get you into the history books, but I guarantee you will make a difference in the lives of those you help, and that’s what living an epic life is about.


For some, dedicating their lives to their deity of choice is the key to an epic life. In some traditions, monks completely cut themselves off from the material world and dedicate their entire lives to the teachings of their religions.

You don’t have to go that far to live an epic life of devotion to your God. You may choose to serve in the clergy (or your religion’s equivalent) or live a ministry life. Those without an organized religion can devote themselves to their own inner spirituality.


Live an epic life by having an epic collection! Although collecting things isn’t commonly associated with an epic life, this is one we can flip the script on. Some people love their collections, whether it be rocks, Magna, insects, bobbleheads, stamps, books, or any item that sparks an interest.

If there’s something you adore and love to collect, embrace it. Go out and find the rarest and best examples of that item in the world. Build yourself an epic collection of the thing you adore. Who knows, your collection may turn into the world’s best museum of your chosen obsession one day.


Extroverts may find fulfillment in living a life full of connection. You can be epic by networking and learning how to connect people to the folks they need most. Build an epic circle of friends and acquaintances. Have a “guy” for everything. Learn what people need most, and help them find others who could fill that need.

It might seem like you’re just the middleman, but connections make the world go round. Those lacking social and networking skills will think you’re epic for doing what they can’t.


You may not know what suits you, and that’s okay. Many of us find fulfillment not in focusing on just one thing but in dabbling in all the things the world offers.

Try stuff. Write a story, create a painting, book a trip, or check out a religious service. Spend time floating from one interest to the next. No rule says you have to commit to one thing to live an epic life – your epic life can be a mixture of all the things!

How Can I be Epic

Part of living an epic life is being an epic person. To be epic, you need to consider more than just what you do with your time. Being epic is about how you treat people, how you act, and who you are as a person.

 Here’s how to be a person that everyone loves and remembers.

Exude Confidence

Confidence is alluring. Certain people get noticed the second they walk into a room. Their confidence shines through in their every movement, from the way they walk to the way they talk. They draw crowds and turn heads.

Confidence may not come naturally, but you can develop it. Practice believing in yourself in everything you do; it will be second nature before you know it.

Be Humble

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Confidence attracts, and arrogance repels. Humility can help you stay on the right side.

Show grace when you’re wrong, let others speak, and let your actions speak louder than your words. Carrying yourself with confidence doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else. It means you acknowledge you belong.

Learn How to Tell a Great Story

Sometimes, we need to speak up to be remembered. You can become the life of the party by learning how to tell a great story. The Moth is a fantastic resource for help with storytelling. They have podcasts, a radio hour, and even an excellent book, “How To Tell a Story,” that can help people develop their own personal stories.


However, being a great storyteller is not just about your story. It’s also about reading the room and knowing which stories to share in which situations. A story about your best friend’s drunken debauchery may not be an ideal story for his wedding, for example. 

Get Comfortable with New People

Interacting with new people is hard. There’s the awkward small talk, the uneasy eye contact, and the uncomfortable silence when you run out of things to say.

Learning to interact with new people and bring them into the fold is essential for being remembered. Start with small things. Be on the lookout for folks lingering just outside the circle. Make space and invite them in. Invite people sitting alone to sit with you. Be open to encounters with new potential friends. The more you practice interacting with new people, the easier it will become.

Be Kind

Kindness goes a long way. If you want to be the person everyone remembers in a good way, be kind. Refuse to engage in rude jokes at others’ expense. Stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Treat everyone you encounter with dignity and respect.

There’s a fine line between being kind and being a doormat. Never light yourself on fire to warm someone else. That’s not kindness; that’s codependency. Being kind includes compassion for yourself. Treat yourself with just as much dignity and respect as you treat others.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

To be an epic person, you must learn what you like and don’t like. The best way to do that is to step outside your comfort zone and learn about yourself.

Say yes to things you usually wouldn’t consider. Stretch yourself to your limits. Stepping outside of your comfort zone will help you become a more well-rounded person, but it will also help you build confidence and may give you content for a great story. It also helps to be known as a friend who’s “up for anything.”

Help out

Epic people are helpers. They are the ones who step up to the plate and offer a helping hand when no one else will.

If you want to be epic, start helping those around you. Offer to help the host clean up after a party. Proofread your friend’s novel. Pay for a struggling parent’s groceries. These good deeds will help you feel better about yourself and help you build a reputation for being a stellar human.

Show Gratitude

Thankfulness and gratitude go a long. Be grateful for the things you have, and show appreciation toward those who help you. Say thanks, pay it forward, and help others in return. 

Your thankful attitude will not only endear you to your friends and family but also help you find contentment and inner peace in your own life. Focusing on and appreciating the good can work wonders for your well-being. 

Change Your Mindset

Mindset is essential to an epic life. Let go of limiting beliefs or negativity and surround yourself with positive energy. True happiness comes from opening yourself up to the possibilities that surround you, embracing challenges, and being content with what you have. 

A positive mindset can help you feel better about your current situation and guide you toward living your best life. 

Find Your Purpose

If you want to live an epic life, live a life of purpose. Be mindful of every goal you set, every idea you pursue, and every decision you make to ensure they lead you toward your life’s purpose. 

Finding your purpose in life may be a challenge, but it’s part of the fun. Dabble in different things until you find what fulfills you. Discover your true passions. If you need help, a life coach can guide you. Life coaches are professionals dedicated to helping people live fulfilling lives in the way that suits them best. 

Be Yourself

The final key to being epic is easier said than done. Be yourself. You’ll never achieve greatness by trying to live a life that isn’t true to you.

People in your current social group may not get it. They may not have the same goals that you do and may try to strike you down for pursuing yours. Don’t let that get to you, and don’t let others’ opinions prevent you from living the epic life you were meant to. There are people who will support you, motivate you, and work alongside you. Don’t limit yourself based on the desires of others.

An Epic Life is Within Reach

The hope for an epic life isn’t confined to dreams. It’s within reach. Discover what living an epic life means to you, and pursue it. You only get one chance at life, so you might as well make it epic. That’s the true meaning of life.