Smartphone Secrets: 10 Cool Hacks You Didn’t Even Know Existed

We love our phones. But did you know there’s far more functionality than texting and scrolling social media? Here are the most extraordinary things your phone can do that you may not know about!


man wearing headphones with different country flags appearing to come out of his mouth to represent that he's learning a new language
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Most camera apps integrate with translation apps, allowing you to translate signs in any language simply by taking a photo. 

Document Scanning

A person using their cell phone to scan a document.
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Have an important document that you need to be scanned? No need to head to the copy store – you can scan it into a pdf with your phone. 

911 Calls

Anxious young woman biting her nails while looking at her phone.
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Most phones have a unique feature allowing you to call 911 on the sly. Pressing the side button multiple times usually does the trick. 

Unfortunately, this leads to lots of 911 pocket dials, much to the displeasure of 911 operators. 

Searching Photos

A man stands to use his hand on a cell phone that's bigger than he is which stands in his living room.
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Your photo gallery is far smarter than you think. You can search for colors, objects, and even places. Try searching for “cat” and see what it finds!

Parking Spots

Line up of brightly colored vintage cars that only show the very front of the cars.
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Some phones use location services to help you remember where you parked. It’s a lifesaver for those used to wandering aimlessly through the lot searching for the car. 

Metal Detection

Man by a scenic lake using a metal detector.
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There’s an app for nearly everything, even metal detection. Your phone can detect certain metals, which may be helpful in a pinch. Of course, you can’t expect your phone to be as good as a real metal detector. 

Cursor Precision

Woman yelling at her cell phone.
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Have you ever tried zooming in super close to the text so you can tap the exact place you want, but your fingers are still too big, so you rage quit?

Your phone has a built-in solution. Tap and hold the spacebar key, and you can easily move the cursor wherever you want. 

What Dis?

Monarch butterfly on a pink flower.
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When you’re out on a lovely wilderness walk and spot a cool insect or flower, you no longer have to wonder what it is. Most photo apps integrate with Google, so you can snap photos and search the web in seconds. 

Scientific Calculator

A person dressed in business clothes uses a small accounting calculator.
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The basic calculator app works wonders for most of our needs, but sometimes, you need a little more. Most calculator apps have a built-in scientific calculator – simply turn your phone sideways to access the additional functions. 

Remote Control

pointing remote at large television screen with numerous on screen viewing options
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Your phone can act as a remote control for most household appliances. You no longer need to dig under the sofa cushions to find the right remote – just use your phone!


Young receptionist on the phone taking notes.
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Did you know that all phones allow you to dial a number and speak to someone not in the room with you? 

We jest, but few people use their phones as actual phones nowadays. 

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