Compelling Evidence That We’re Actually Living in a Simulation

Is the Matrix real? The conspiracy theory that we’re living in a simulation has been gaining steam since the iconic film hit theaters over 20 years ago. 

Evidence We’re Living in a Simulation

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The evidence surrounds us, though we usually dismiss it as coincidence. One person asked the internet to share top indicators that the simulation theory holds water. These small pieces of evidence are things we’d look back upon as evidence if we ever found out with certainty that we were living in a simulation. 

Chaos vs Order

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New research suggessts life is a simulation because biological systems evolve towards order, like computers, rather than towards entropy, like the laws of physics. 

You’ll Start Noticing

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The Baader-Meinhof (BM) principle says that once you’re aware of something, you’ll notice it all the time. 

Some users likened the effect to coding in games like Grand Theft Auto, where you tend to see the same model car all the time. 

Find it When You Stop Looking

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You can search for days on end for a lost item, only to have it reappear a week later when you stop looking. 

It’s almost as if something out there enjoys watching us hopelessly search for our missing items. 

The Vortex of Lost Things

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Some items are lost to some weird interdimensional vortex. Hairpins, a matching sock, and cat toys all often disappear into the void, never to be seen again. 

What really happens to this stuff?

Appeared Items

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The opposite is also true. People who have never used hairpins in their lives randomly find them in their homes. 

Is there a weird wormhole connecting the houses of hairpin users to non-hairpin users?

Deja Vu

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Deja vu is the uncomfortable feeling that you’ve experienced something before. It’s used as a plot device in the famous movie to show that the computer overlords have changed something, so some think it could also be evidence of a genuine simulation. 

Tech Evolution

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When you sit back and think about it, our technology has come a long way over the past 100 or so years. The Wright brothers first took the skies in 1917, and less than 50 years later, humanity stood on the moon. 

Now, the world’s connected through a global web of electrons, and we have all of humanity’s combined knowledge available at our fingertips. 

Some see the exponential advances in technology as proof of a simulation. 

Video Games

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The vast advancements in video gaming also lead down the simulation rabbit hole. In the 70s, games were just dots on a screen. The 1980s changed how we interact with media, transforming home gaming consoles into household items. 

Now, video games are hyper-realistic and incredibly involved. It’s not hard to imagine what 100 or 1000 more years of technology could create. 

Weird Psychic Experiences

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Have you ever been singing a song only to have it play next on the radio? Or thought of calling a friend you haven’t heard from for a while and discovered they just texted you?

These weird random coincidences make some of us think more is going on. 

The Double Slit Experiment

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Quantum physics is weird. Very weird. So weird that it makes us wonder whether anything is actually real. 

The double-slit experiment is one of the most famous physics experiences casting doubt on reality. Researchers were perplexed to discover that particles changed their behavior based on whether or not they were being observed. 

Easy Mode vs. Hard Mode

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Is the fact that some folks live life on easy mode proof that we’re living in a simulation? Video games are renowned for easy modes, helping players ease into the game, but what if the simulation had the same settings?

That begs the question of why anyone would want to play this game on hard mode. 

Speed of Light

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It seems arbitrary that there’s a maximum speed things can reach. The speed of light is a constant because it’s impossible to move faster than light without breaking space-time. 

What would happen if we broke spacetime? Would we break the simulation?

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