Enjoy Hobbies While Traveling: The Best Pastimes for Those Always on the Go

Although travel is a fantastic hobby by itself, many travelers want something creative to do while on the road. Some are looking for a creative outlet, while others are looking for an activity to pass the long hours on trains, planes, and automobiles.

Here are some excellent hobbies travelers can enjoy while on the road!


portrait of woman holding camera up to her eye about to take a photo
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The world abounds with stunning scenery, monumental architecture, and inspiring scenes waiting to be captured in a photo. Photography and travel go hand in hand. It’s the perfect hobby for those constantly on the go. 


female artist drawing a human portrait with pencil
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Stuff a sketchbook and pencil in your travel bag, and you’ll be ready to draw whenever inspiration hits. Drawing is a fantastic hobby for travelers because you don’t need a lot of supplies, and your travels should offer a ton of inspiration. 


woman's hand making circular crochet patterns
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Crochet is the perfect needlecraft for travelers because there’s only one needle, and the blunt end means that even the strict TSA agent will let you keep it on your flight. 

The small needle and ball of thread should fit in even the smallest suitcase. 


Senior man playing a harmonica.
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Harmonicas and campfires go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s an iconic instrument for nomads constantly on the go. 

Learn a Language

man wearing headphones with different country flags appearing to come out of his mouth to represent that he's learning a new language
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Learning a foreign language is the obvious choice if you travel to foreign countries. This hobby will provide hours of entertainment while giving you a valuable skill. 


woman holding book in front of her face with eyes shifting to the left
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Grab your Kindle and download the world. What better way to pass the time in airports and bus terminals than by immersing yourself in a whole new world?

Urban Exploring

Portion of Chicago Skyline from lake Michigan featuring the Hancock building at sunset.
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What’s the point of traveling if not exploring? Urban exploring is about discovering hidden gems no one talks about tucked away in urban centers. 


Woman outside geocaching with a phone.
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Geocaching takes exploring to a new level. People hide little trinkets worldwide, uploading their coordinates for others to find. It’s like a built-in scavenger hunt; you only need your mobile phone. 


Magician holding deck of cards.
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Pass the time in flight by improving your dexterity and practicing sleight-of-hand tricks with a deck of magic cards. You’ll always have a cool party trick to show off. 


hands writing in a journal with scraps and memorablia surrounding it to represent types of journals
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The best thing about journaling is it’s so eclectic. Nearly anyone can find a journal that aligns with their interests. Make a bullet journal, art journal, or gratitude journal, or stick with the traveling motif with a traditional travel journal. 


Tarot cards with the Magician front and center.
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Get in touch with your spiritual side and learn how to read the cards. All you need is a deck and some learning material, and you’ll be well on your way to a blessed future. As a bonus, if you get good at it, you can use your skill to make friends in new places. 

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